November CRAPS! Post Them HERE!!!



No one ever accused me of being good at math. Maybe I should’ve let someone that attended elementary school count the pretty yellow and blue blocks.

P.S. I believe I saw a couple more blocks show up so that puts us at 8 or 4 or something.


Has everyone who got a letter ported it do far.


I’m checking with extended family. So far no takers. Will let you know either way.


We also gave Christmas gifts from a cherished elderly aunt we lost just before Christmas. “Bittersweet” is definitely the word. Brought tears to me just now remembering, and it has been 8 years. But way better memories than tears.


November BOC. Disappointed? Only because it was the smallest BOC I’ve ever gotten! But not disappointed because I really like the flameless candles.

Here is list:

Star Wars costume, size L 12-14 (Ezra Bridger? Whatever that means.)
Bulb planter
Youth S tshirt, maroon
Two flameless candles
AmiGami toy
Three-tier oven rack
Legit cloth WOOT Bag of Crap bag

That’s it. Yep. That’s it. And no letter!

Thanks, Woot!


Got my limited edition holiday BoC over the weekend and finally was not sick enough last night to get it opened up and discover all the wonderful goodies. In addition to the Woot goodies which unfortunately my screaming monkey only made one flight before his arm came off this BoC came loaded with NFL clothing. Of course in true Woot fashion nothing of any size I can wear or teams I am a fan of including the Packers, Browns, Chargers, Broncos, and Bucaneers. The 5x shorts in particular were fantastic as I can fit entirely in either leg. Underneath my pile of clothing I then discovered food containers, wine recorker, grill cleaning brush, calf compression sleeves, and more. The golden gem was in the very bottom with the new Bose soundsports which sound absolutely amazing.

The number of things in this BoC that I have recently shopped for is almost creepy but hey can’t complain this is some of the least disappointment I have ever had in my crap!


I need to like this three times but I can’t!


Yay, finally got my bag of crap! Looking for serious disappointment and unfortunately more disappointed with the lack of disappointment. Shipment said it would be 6 pounds but it was only two got worried till I open the box. Here’s a list of my not so disappointing haul:

1 woot pan, Yahoo!
1 pinball drinking glass. (don’t drink but know plenty of people who do).
One completely awesome cloth bag of crap woot bag!
One adult Marine life coloring book.
One Washington Redskins knit cap. ( I live in Georgia so I have no need for it but I have plenty of family that lives in Washington)
1 Denver the guilty dog plush toy ( how could you not need a guilty dog in the house when you have a bunch of cats?)
One pair of Star Wars bb-8 socks ( sure, why not?)
And the best thing about my haul:
1 plotting your demise Cat hoodie (Loove it)!!
No letter but since this is my first bag of crap how could I possibly even hope for one?

Better luck next time Woot. Looking forward to trying for my next bag of crap and actual disappointment.
Would love to post a picture of all my great stuff but I can’t for the life of me figure out how to pull one off my Android to put it here. If anyone could help me with this that would be really great!


I got my Cyber Sunday BOC on Friday but didn’t get a chance to take a pic of everything before the craziness of the weekend fell upon me.

Did snag this one pic which made me instantly disappointed:

Went through it real quick and can’t remember everything:

  • Woot Canvas Bag
  • Woot Pen (Can’t remember what was on the banner. Wasn’t the meeting one.)
  • Spider Webs (saving for Halloween next year)
  • Crush and Draw thing (possible gift for the girls)
  • Black Large V-Neck (wife scooped that up)
  • 1 LED light bulb (not even a smart one)
  • Kids Oscar the Grouch Costume (kids loved that one)
  • 1 Opened copy of Braveheart (Thanks @ThunderThighs)
  • Fantastic Beasts Activity Book (have a friend I can give this to)
  • Silicone Ice Block Maker
  • 0 x bags of air
  • 0 x packs of tissues
  • 0 x woot letter

I know I’m forgetting something. I’ll unpack and snag a pic tonight to post. Thanks for the disappointment, Woot.


Here’s my crap:
Size XXXL Fantasy Football Tent (jacket)
Christmas napkins
Winter traction shoe things
File folder
Plumbers tape
Fishing line (probably)
A knob
Paper cups
Fantastic Beasts coloring book
Black V-neck T-shirt size Large
Gloves - Tennessee Titans size small (I will likely de-logo these and use them)
Woot bag
Woot pen
An adequate amount of disappointment for both me and the dog.


Best Crap, ever! (my own personal experience-- So. Much. Crap.)

  • Spyder Stryker jacket
  • Chicago Bears Infinity scarf
  • Tampa Bay Buccaneers t shirt
  • Houston Oilers t-shirt
  • Indianapolis Colts Hoodie
  • Star Wars Hoodie
  • Colorful girl with giant eyes blanket
  • Safety goggles
  • Cat collar
  • Dog poop bags
  • Mesh sponge bath set
  • Fantastic Beasts movie book
  • Woot pen
  • Woot bag


My November BOC, that along with previous LE BOC makes my November LE BOC BOC.

The ? bag
Bacon gift stickers - should be interesting on Christmas gifts
Finding Dory toy
6 rolls Gorilla double-sided mounting tape - looks to be PERMANENT mounting tape
Black desktop in/out tray
Woot pen - anxious to see what it says, but waiting for son to open
Single eye-screw in bubble wrap - I’m screwed?
2 How to Catch an Elf books - lots of friends with little grandkids, and there is always the library
8 Thanksgiving/fall 6 3/4" plates
Adult coloring book
Men’s L Tultex soft hoodie
Men’s L UnderArmor black shirt
Men’s L Galaxy gray waffle-weave shirt

I’ve 4 grandsons and one son that usually wear M’s, but might well go for the looser L (I’ll wash first too, and they could shrink a bit)

Ah Woot, either I’m easy or you weren’t really trying to disappoint me!

Please tell your designers, programmers, coders, installers - the new system is wonderfully simple and intuitive. I argued with myself for a while, as I really don’t do change well, but you definitely are right with this one (after I quit whining about learning something new).


Waiting for UPS :grin:


YAY! Another converted wooter!




I got my BOC! My first one and although some people would not be happy with it, I am very happy. So excited.

-? Paper bag
-Steelers slippers
-Steelers shirt
-Water squirter
-Fantastic Beasts handbook
-Belt holder
-Go Sports sweat shirt
-Dog blanket
-Woot pen <- my favorite!


Woohoo! Order got delivered early and got it Friday!!

Pumpkin Spice Must Flow hoodie - Best thing and love it and right size!
Woot pen, ? Bag - gonna be great in the meetings
Star Wars BB8 Socks
8 large trash bags
Fantastical Beasts and where to find them movie handbook
Smart Box Lunch Boxes - already use similar ones, will be helpful.
Safety Goggles
Ornithopeter - looks fun
Touch Denver Broncos Gloves - couple years late for them in the super bowl
Packers Cozy Helmet Hat - cozy and fun!
Chicago Bulls v-neck windy city Medium shirt
kess dog blanket "sprinkles" - Not sure if dogs will get it or for something else.
Pittsburgh Steelers NFL canvas shoe SMALL- Friend is huge steelers fan and was super exicted… until last night when they got beat when she wore them!


She must now burn them as sacrifice to the Rooney Family.


Knowing her she just might!


She knows what she must do…