November CRAPS! Post Them HERE!!!



I’m still in need of some ideas of how to incorporate my MOST COVETED boc item into my home decor y’all! …I’m thinking of attaching it to the wall as a “faux portal” into lands unknown? …or rather adding it to the rooftop as though I’ve installed a large periscope?? Ya know, to make the neighbors really paranoid… All Ideas welcome! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I use that Gorilla tape in all of my conference rooms I build - excellent adhesive, comes off clean and holds well


It’s all part of the Woot experience. It currently doesn’t work and is only there to tease you and waste your precious life trying to upload your awesome photos.


My BOC came in earlier than expected!

? Bag
Woot pen
Glue dots
Stick on lined note pad
Back loofah
Adult humor Christmas card (only one… I can’t decide who to send it to!!)
Fantastic Beasts magical movie handbook
Doberman security motion detector
Rogue one captain Cassian bobble head
Plain black tshirt (M)
Some sort of make up duo that is more in the bag than the case lol
48" white pearl beads
Collapsible laundry basket
Knife protector
2 pink kids toys of some sort?? Anyone know what these are?
Scarecrow decor mat
Fantastic beasts coloring book
Farmers market create and play activity book


Lots of White Elephant goodness in my box!

  • (2) Shopping Cr@p Bags - going to love using these at the 25 cent cart grocery store

  • AmiGami Made By You! toy

  • Zombie Hunter - Kids Costume

  • Loofah back scrubber

  • Garden Gloves with digging claws

  • Oven shelf guards

  • Two Piece Bicycle LED Lights

  • 4" Swizzle Lightstick

  • Glock 9mm (gun) grip extension


It doesn’t work if you’re trying to upload through the Woot App. If you’re using your mobile browser, you should be able to pull from your photos directly.


Washable Sidewalk Chalk Paint
Woot pen
Woot Crap Bag
Set of (4) NFL Colts shot glasses - gave these to our mail carrier as an early holiday “Thank You”
Ink Inspiration Animal Kingdom coloring book
Orbeez toy refills & board (?) & applicator
Anime Inspired Wizard of ‘Aws’ Sweatshirt - Crazy happy 15 year old son with that pull! I’d post his 1st attempt at an anime costume, but he’d kill me!


I love this shirt! Miyazaki films are some of my favorites!


Start planning a trip to Japan - you’ll be treated like royalty with that shirt.


Don’t ya’ know it! Our son is only considering colleges that have Japanese campuses (Temple, Webster…). Happy Holidays!


Never mind the trip to trip to Japan. Start saving up for that college tuition/study abroad!


A restaurant near here uses a Z shape of those pipes as planters. Looks nice.

Yeah. You “should” be able to upload them to the forums but it seems we forgot the little part of the code that asks for permission to access your phone’s photos. Not sure when that will be fixed. Hopefully not too long. :frowning:


Whoever gets this card HAS to also get this sweater.


Woot! love the new message boards, so much easier to post pictures!!

Speaking of posting, without further adieu, I present my
Woot Holiday 2018 Limited-Edition BOC

So much to list:
-woot! Certificate of Crapthenticity
-woot! bag
-woot! light
-woot! pocket knife
-woot! monkey
-woot! mouse
-woot! mini plush
-Fox ears hat
-Protection sleeve for an Ipad mini
-2XU calf compression sleeves
-The Princess Bride sticker…whoops its upside down
-Fantastic Beasts Movie Handbook
-Easyglove golf glove
-Good Cook wine bottle opener… they know me so well
-Smart Box meal prep containers
-Sleek Stopper door stopper
-2 LED Candelabre Light Bulbs
-Carolina Panthers ugly Christmas sweater
-Washington Redskins knit cap
-Washington Redskins Super Bowl XXVI Champion Shirt
-2 Minnesota Vikings knit caps
-“World’s Greatest Dad” Darth Vader Glass

and a last but not least

-Fire tv stick 4K…now I need to convince the wife that I need to upgrade to a 4K tv :grin:

Thank you woot! These are always fun to open with the family :family_man_woman_girl_boy:


1 x ? bag
1 x Expanding file folder
2 x disposable food storage
1 x ribbon pack for decorating
1 x Woot pen
1 x Butterflies book
1 x XL New York Giants Super Bowl XLII hoodie t-shirt
1 x Handle for cabinet
1 x giant hinge
1 x 3d art pen (stocking stuffer!!!)
1 x bouncing clay


Shipment #1 arrived:

  • Woot paper bag
  • Empty accordian style folder
  • Reach Dental Tape
  • I Do 3D Go Vertical art kit of some kind
  • Checkered linen table cloth
  • 3 Whiffle Balls
  • Seattle Seahawks hand warmers
  • Denver Broncos bracelet
  • Rewriteable CD-RW disc
  • Mini bar tool set, including
    = Hammer with bottle opener
    = Screwdriver with cork screw

Pretty cool stuff! From my whining before, I like that they seem to be a little more unique than a couple years ago.

May regift the 3D art thing to my niece if I can figure out what age it’s appropriate for…if I can figure out her age.

Still waiting on package 2, which hasn’t been shipped yet.


If you can get your picture on a desktop, then it is just drag and drop. Wish I could help you with the Android to desktop part, but I don’t know that. My camera just plugs to my desktop and I do it that way.


Good to know. I think I’ll run a small trial on a wall behind something. The tape instructions were a little ominous. Thank you.


My Cyber Monday crap has arrived!

1 Woot BOC reusable tote
Small very soft fleece blanket (absolutely perfect for my almost 4 year old!
Naturehike sleeping bag
Green dog collar - fits my Doxador perfectly
2 different types of compression socks - both are my husband’s size!
Plastic food containers - can’t have enough of these
Pink bath set with sponge and brush
2 small Christmas gift bags
Woot pen
An electrical outlet. I’ll take this as a sign and hang on to it just in case.

Woot I’m highly disappointed that I’m not as disappointed as I feel I should be.


Well, it’s working like a charm LOL. And the photo really was awesome too, such a shame.