November CRAPS! Post Them HERE!!!



got my cyber monday crap in todays mail

here is what I got…
Woot bag
fantastic beasts book
rip spin warriors game
girls t shirt
mens sweater
woot stickers
snack tray
snorting pig
led controller
coloring books (2)
greeting card
and a woot pen

Alas there was no letter… I am really looking forward to getting a letter one of these times as a person can never have too much crap!!!



Recieved my LE BOC the other day. I present it to all, in no particular order:

Certificate of Crapthenticity
obligatory bag
Texans 3XL pullover
assorted Woot! things
RedDragon gaming mouse
dog sweater, small
door stopper
screaming monkey #10, has joined its brethren hanging in the garage
phone case
retractable clip
College regulation cornhole beanbags

aaaaanndd…an Amazon 4K firetv stick!

Thanks TT and everyone @ Woot!


Got my Woot BOC!!!
Bag of :poop: reveal!
-Spyder jacket (AWESOME!)
-Black Tshirt
-Poppit air dry clay
-Orbeez 2000 of those little buggers makes the BOC worth it!)
-1 drawer pull :joy:
-1 LED light fixture
-license plate frame
-Monitor cord
-Plastic tablecloth
-Bag o bead necklaces
-Woot pen
-Woot BOC bag
-Chocolate molds


@ThunderThighs what percent of boc’s posted this month? or don’t you keep track of that anymore?


I don’t track that any longer. It was taking a TON of my time in the weeks following a large sale so they opted to let me drop that. Judging by the number of posts in the thread and the letters being posted, I’m feeling good about the post rate.


The crap has arrived!

The disappointing stuff-
1x Philips FreshTones Wireless Earbuds (opened)
1x “Classic Toy” (white bear that kind of lights up)
1x 8oz Rubber Mallet
1x Round Decal Jamie McMurray

The crappy stuff-
1x Frying Pan (with removable handle)
1x Yaktrax Walk
1x Colts ribbon (assorted sizes)
1x Pair of prAna Leggings Size L
1x Plain Black Long Sleeve Tee Shirt Size L
1x University of Miami Hurricanes Tee Shirt Size L
1x Bag o’ Crap Bag

And finally, the creme de la creme:
1x Woot Pen (love it)
1x LETTER !!!

YAY for end of year crap! And I’ll post what you send me!!

I promise I will post what you send :smiley:





I’m just finding this out…I’m so sorry to hear your lost your mom…she was so present here through you…((hugs))


I received my “wanna cyber?” Crap

I got some vinyl gloves (perfect for washing my dog with the flea and tick shampoo, which says wear gloves… but pet safe?)
Egg rings
Food storage containers
Hot cups for a big party
A panthers north (Bills) hand warmer
A small crap smiley squishy thing
A finding dory shark named destiny (doesnt appear to be a stripper)
A ? Bag
And a folder to hold my woot crap letter, IF I HAD ONE!


Here is my November regular BOC

Equine fly mask to protect horses from flies and other biting insects - what am I suppose to do with this item?
Colorado getaway mug
Boston Red Sox Christmas tree ornament
Harry Potter Ron Weasley cinematic guide book
Pink and Purple office desk mat - pink purple and red - not my preferred colour choice
Loofah back scrubber
Dog harness
Woot ? brown paper bag
Simpson strong tie RSP4 20 - Gauge 2 by reversible stud plate tie - yes that is its description in English
Woot cry it out tissues - gonna need them with this BOC
Adidas ladies size 7 running shoes - didn’t know this level of orange was even possible let alone in a shoe - I wear size 9.
Green Woot pen with hidden message reel
Star Wars sticker activity fun - Star Wars Rebels version
Illuminated tree top star ornament
Women’s Manu Mitt - open at thumb and top of fingers and ugly as anything - red and grey mostly - yeesh
Awesome at 6 LEGO t-shirt - at least one cute clothing item I can give away
Accessory hanger
1 bag of Texas air

Thanks for the BOC disappointment achieved.


One of the rare times my disappointment is genuine…My rather small and light box contained little of any value to me at all…but, that’s how it goes sometimes.

Big Mazes book…will give to friend for grandkids
No Peeking paper shopping bag…meh
Kurt Cobain CD with poster…not a Nirvana/KC fan
Fantastic Beasts coloring book… again, friend’s grandkids bound
Fantastic Beasts Movie Handbook… not sure what to do with this

Woot! canvas bag…that makes about a dozen
Reindeer ball/hoop toy, pack of 10…again, friend’s grandkids bound
8 small goofy creature paper plates…meh
Rubber pig that grunts when squeezed…Fun!!! (for 10 seconds)
Hot Wheels Compete kids fitness tracker and game wristband…again, friend’s grandkids bound
Cabinet door handle…Just great, Now I have to build a cabinet for it.
Ladies large cat T-shirt…I’m a man, yes I am, yes I am, yes I am
Camo cap with LED light in the brim…too small for an adult head
Woot! pen…probably the most usable item in the box

GG just having to get all up in the photo staging zone.


YAY! Another letter! Y’all are doing very well at posting your letters. I hope you do as well when you get that crap. Because you know I want to see da crap!

Every time I see those hangers in y’alls photos, I think it’s an engine gasket.


The letter stuff seems to really be going well. I don’t know how many have been delivered vs. how many have posted about them but it looks good from what I can tell.


Yes, they’re doing well. I’m losing hope on one but that’s must better than the last few times where it was almost 25-40% no shows. :slight_smile:


If you need someone to post what was going to be sent to that person I will gladly do it - just send me the Palette of Crap.


ROFL. That’s a new one. A+ for creativity.


Oh well, it was worth a shot.


Maybe that “lost” one is waiting until Christmas to open theirs.


I’ve held that hope many times before. LOL


My first BOC in ages! (and my order says there’s another box on the way?!?) A split BOC? Two boxes of disappointment? It’s from Cyber Monday.

My first disappointment was UPS claimed it was out for delivery on Saturday and the live map showed the truck was parked all day on the highway… So, it was rescheduled for today.

  • Woot bag - Always useful
  • Woot poop stress poop - My kids say this is the only good thing in the box
  • Practice baseballs - Already put cat treats in one. Cat had a snack. Kids then threw them at each other for a while.
  • Party paper shreds - Exciting, who wouldn’t want crinkled paper pieces.
  • Fantastic Beasts Movie Handbook - No comment
  • How to Catch an Elf - I don’t want to catch an elf. Unless he’s Legolas.
  • I Do 3D Vertical Pen set - Considering I bought an expensive one that broke two seconds after we got it, I have no hope this works, but we’ll try it anyway
  • Royal and Magestic 3/4" Wash Brush - Threw it in my husband’s watercolor box.
  • Powerpuff Girls - Flip to Action Playset - Watched it in the '90s and loved it. Kinda cool actually.