November CRAPS! Post Them HERE!!!



Unless you ordered something else, it’s likely they printed a few labels but weren’t able to get them out that day. UPS requires us to reprint labels as they have to ship the same day they’re printed. :\


It has arrived!
1-plain lg v-neck shirt
1-pair of work gloves
1-armorsuit electronic screen shield
1-drawer handle
1- childs Superman costume
1-clear bag auburn university
1-2pk food storage containers
1-iPad or something tablet holder
And paper woot? Bag
Oh and the PEN!! :smile::smile:

Someday I would like to throw my back out picking up a heavy Bundle Of Crustaceans :wink: I have tons of room for more crap. Until next time! Thank you TT and crew for your extra hours of work and fun!


Oh! Thanks for the reply! The BOC was the only thing I ordered.

I received this in an email from Woot on Saturday with a new tracking number, so that’s why I assumed there might be another package:

Good news! Your Woot order #xxxxx505 from Monday, November 26, 2018 is now on its way. Your order was split into multiple packages. This package completes your order.

I guess I disappointed myself! :blush:


Thanksgiving Day Crap arrived a day early and I posted 5 days late!!!

Included in the crappy haul:

  • 10 “$500” dollar bills. Surprisingly they state they are not legal tender :money_mouth_face:
  • 1 I Do 3D Vertical Pen
  • 1 Poppit Mini Clay Creations
  • 2 Personal Chalkboard Sets
  • 2 How to Catch an Elf books
  • 1 Composition Note Book
  • 1 Do Not Enter sign
  • 1 Crappy “?” paper bag (Which I will use to carry my lunch until it falls apart like the last one I used
  • 1 Bacon Gift Tag Stickers
  • 1 Package of Metallic mini bows

Not Pictured

  • 1 Woot Pen “is this meeting over?” & “Why are we here” (Worth the cost of crap alone IMO)
  • 1 White plank apron

Looks like I’ll avoid the donation truck…but mostly because SO said that the school holiday store is looking for donations. Thanks Everyone at Woot!


Update… I got my tracking number for my extra “Woot Letter” crap over the weekend. Say’s it’s 50 lbs via fedex ground. But… it hasn’t shipped yet.

Still very excited and anxious.


Update just like whatdafudge-
I got my tracking # as well. FedEx Ground. 50#. Scheduled to deliver Tuesday, but hasn’t even shipped yet. No problem as long as its here by Saturday. We have a large Holiday party at the house and I’m planning to hand out some epic white elephant gifts.


I felt lucky this time. I was hoping for the long lost letters…one day maybe. I love knowing that one day even if it’s on special occasions I could win a letter. I love woot


Here is the Bag of crap I got today!
It is the Cyber Monday’s bag of Crap.

Overall, it is a good B.O.C.
I like the pink women socks and bear nightlight a lot. the grape coasters are pretty.

List of items I got:

  • 1 Pair of SoftBreath Runner socks, women S-M, pink.
  • 1 Bag of waste Basket Bags (20)
  • 1 Classic toy LED Porcelain bear nightlight.
  • 1 Coasters- Grapes on vine (10)
  • 1 box of math war game cards.
  • 1 blue sun glasses.
  • 1 Top Trump DC Comics game cards.
  • 1 Women 4XL shirt for NFL GreenBay Packers.
  • 1 Women Small NFL Arizona Cardinals shirt. (JUNK FOOD)
  • 1 Women XL NFL Arizona Cardinals shirt. (JUNK FOOD)
  • 1 Sports Horn, super loud.
  • 1 You are invited gold sticker paper.
  • 1 Woot! poop stress ball.
  • 1 Woot! bag of crap green bag.
  • 1 Huge LED Flood light bulb.


I’m just now getting around to posting my accidental (see below) Thanksgiving standard edition BOC:

Aquaman’s lawn darts
Clay cupcake maker, for that kid in your class who liked to eat paste
X-Acto paper cutter
High voltage sign
Bigfoot gift tags
Woot! pen
Cat/chemistry themed hoodie
Ceramic snail nightlight
Four festive wine bottle wrappers
One Woot! paper sack that someone ran off with

The accident happened when I was telling one of my family members about Woot! and there being a Woot-off the following day. I opened the site to show them and landed on the BOC page. They thought something was wrong with me when I began manically clicking the buy button and trying to explain why this was a momentous event. When I landed in the Vestibule my mood was seriously muted, but then I became excited again when the order went through! Now they think I should be on some sort of regular medication…

Thanks Woot!


Fishing spinner.
Darth Vader glass
3×locking shoelaces
2× Jets hat
10× broken watches ( just discovered 3 of them work!)
Broncos shirt
Woot gear
Philips shaver
Phone case
2×Baseball caps
Door stop
Shirtwoot plush
Garage door opener
Spooky castle game
Smart box food storage
Crap certificate
And Bose headphones!!

Thanks for the disappointment!! :heart::heart:


Incoming craps

I spent my black friday avoiding stores and using the internet so I was able to catch not only a boc but also a LE boc. This is very cool and also very disappointing. I picked up a bunch of good stuff besides the bags so c’est la vie!

  • Woot Paper Bag
  • Woot Pen
  • Supergirl PS4 Skin… If anyone loves Supergirl or knows someone who does, please contact me
  • Visit Outside hoodie, large
  • Cosmetics container
  • “Animal Fun for Young Children: Busy Moms” - a Ranger Rick book - pretty weird/cool honestly, hanging on to it for when we do have children in case the only animals that still exist in are in zoos or something
  • “Peppa’s Halloween Party”…
  • A sideways dual switch
  • Finding Dory Destiny whale shark thing
  • Polyester navy blanket
  • 2 pack of Canon Pixma XL Ink. Someone probably needs this, I feel bad for having it. If you own the other side of what these attach to let me know and I will send you enough black ink to print at least your next couple term papers/tps reports/taxes.
  • A white Phillips hue bulb. Neat but that ecosystem seems too pricey to get into. Maybe a friend can use.

Holiday Limited Edition Bag o Crap:

  • Woot Items

  • Zombie plush woot thing

  • Woot utility knife blue

  • Small flash light

  • Woot mouse

  • 2 Woot stickers

  • Woot monkey

  • Woot certificate

  • Star wars greatest dad glass cup

  • Brown chalice (NOT FOR FOOD CONSUMPTION)

  • Food containers set

  • Sleek Stopper/Door Stopper

  • “Phone Case iPhone 6”

  • Grey Tshirt, women Small

  • Spring Time Yard Flag

  • Ghostbusters new movie mask, child sized

  • New Orleans Saints Super Bowl Champs shirt (2010?)

  • Russell Wilson lego/construction set

  • Grill Thermometer (with sadly, very bad reviews) - I will give it a shot on cheap piece of meat anyway

  • Big Item - firetvstick 4k

Nothing incredible but no sour grapes here! trying out the firetvstick and it seems pretty cool so far, definitely a step up over the built in smart tv stuff our tv has. At the very least it saved us buying a universal remote.


Regular Crap and Special Edition Crap.

I already have someone in mind to send the “Mistletoe” Christmas card to.
Yes the monkey arrived inside the steamer container. (TT giving cooking hints?)
There were also a pair of Black Sneakers in the Special edition that didn’t make it into the photo.
Funny thing is I just bought an Echo dot during Black Friday, so might have to try them in stereo.


Crap came last week the day after I left for California, but my husband was nice enough to open it for me and even send a photo!

Woot Pen
Woot Bag
Arctic Forces Halloween Costume Kids Large 10-12
Neon purple hair spray
New Orlean Saints small kids baseball cap
XL T-shirt Houston Texans
LA Rams T-shirt Medium Womans
XL Heavy Jacksonville Jaguars Sweatshirt
Letters to Santa game (giving this to my kids, they have a huge game collection)
Nightlight LED Elephant
Large Football T-shirt
2 Peppa pigs halloween party kids sticker book
wrist coil keyring 2-pack
Bulb planter — this was funny. I JUST bought one of these from Woot in October, to plant my 45 Days of Spring Blooms I also bought from Woot that same week. I will keep this second one, because you never know when my husband will surprise me and ask to help. haha…right.

When I get back to town in January the neighborhood will benefit from most of this, but I am KEEPING the pen! :heart:

Thanks Woot!


Got Crap!

Woot Pen
Woot Paper Bag
Woot Fabric Bag
50 Paper Cups (husband was going to have to buy some for his class tomorrow, uncanny coincidence)
2 Lumina Finishing Touch shavers
Foil mini bows
2 Bacon Gift Tag Stickers - These will be great for our secret santa presents
Set of mini bulb replacements
Finding Dory floor toy - this thing is super fast!
Snapi single handed serving tool
MN Vikings bandana
Fleece blanket
“One of these things is not like the Otter” T-shirt
and my favorite
65ft Tape Measure

This was tough to be disappointed with, sorry Woot, but thanks!


My Limited Edition Bag of Crap arrived the other day. Here’s a peek at the goodies:

Certificate of Crapthenticity
“Woot! An Amazon Company” bag
Ugly Christmas sweater
NFL licensed knit hat
NFL licensed knit gloves
Licensed USA Olympics jersey
Christmas gift bag
Color change Woot! mouse
Shirt Woot! sticker (I think?)
Magnetic LED work light
Clip-on Woot! multitool
“Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them” book
“Sleek stopper” doorstop
Nike jersey
Shirt Woot! hoodie (unfortunately blank)
Lunch containers
Mr Mustard Shirt Woot! Plushie
Darth Vader breakfast glass
Green Woot! monkey

And the big item… A JBL Flip3 Bluetooth speaker, brand new and sealed:

Very nice job Woot! and @thunderthighs . I could tell that things were carefully chosen and packed with care.

green grotto, part IV

Got LE Edition last week and today the regular crap arrived.

First the regular crap

Not photographed (forgot to put it in) Sidewalk Chalk)
Black t-shirt (this fits)
XL green zip-up thin hoodie with a funny bunny on the back
Ink-spirations animal kingdom - wife will use this for extra activities for middle school class
LED accent/flashlight, this could be nice camping
Knife sheath
Parchment paper - this is handy!
Emoji beanie
teddy bear LED nightlight
old fashioned phone cord, ha!
Fantastic Beasts book
Sticky pad lined paper
Ice shot glasses
Woot pen
Woot cloth bag

Next the Limited Edition Crap

Pink/White socks didn’t make the photo because sis-in-law took them. So we photographed her feet.
Tennessee Titans Reserved Parking sign
Spooky Castle game - will keep for when kids are older
Woot plushie
Plain Green hoodie - fits
Smart Box food containers
Funny halloween print dog harness
Blue men’s shirt
Door Stopper
World’s Greatest Dad Star Wars glass (2nd, now have a set)
Multi-tool set
Woot flashlight
Woot mouse
uhhh…Mistletoe - Daughter of Mr. L Toe, cousin to Camel Toe greeting card - funny guys (S-I-L took this too, has someone she wants to give it to)
Woot Monkey
and the big ticket item, Echo Dot. We only have about 7 in our house, but hey, can always use another.

Thanks Woot, you never fail to disappoint! However, there are some nice things in here.


Crap arrived, so disappointingly crappy!

Actually, I got 3 gifts out of this one!

Woot Crap Bag
Woot Pen
Bike Lights
LED lamp
LED brake lights
Children’s Panthers Baseball Cap
Light up Lanyards
XL Fleece lined Women’s Chicago Bears Sweatshirt
Let’s Cook Breaking Bad Walter White Cutting Board (was split in 2, but we glued it back together)
Miles Davis Album, still sealed - @ThunderThighs is this your doing?


This was looking to be extra craptaculuous, but it included a couple of things that made it all worthwhile. Of note,

1 crappy shopping bag (better than paper!)
1 ribbon and bow set
1 pink bath set, including foot scrubber with happy face.
1 Dress Along Dolly rain set for American Girl Doll (my second set of clothing for my non-existent doll)
1 woman’s size XL “I’m a horrorholic” t-shirt (be careful how you say that)
1 Woot pen with secret message (sweet!)
1 Pentel automatic pencil refill set
1 Mariner’s (sportsball) family decal set
1 pair of Minnesota Vikings (sportsball) knit gloves
1 opened extension cord (hey Woot!, missing an extension cord?).
1 pair of women’s size 11 Saucony Kinvara 8 hot pink running shoes that retail for around 75 bucks AND FIT MY GIRLFRIEND!!!
1 Rocketbook Everlast notebook and pen. $30 on Amazon and pretty freaking cool!

Lenny likes boxes.


My LE Bag o’crap

Screaming Monkey
Fitbit cover
sleek door stop
woot mouse
woot flashlight
woot multitool
green woot bag
certificate of crap
iphone case
ipad bag
NFL socks
reindeer bottle cozy
greatest dad darth vader glass
pokemon cards
silicone spatulas
woot shirt mini plush
echo dot
energy efficiency hat
sterilite vented food storage container
meal prep storage containers
kitchen scissors with magnetic sheath
Scottie ST sign
laptop power supply
boys core shorts


Thanks for the heads up! I checked my spam folder and found the tracking number for the "Woot Letter” crap. I am also showing 50lbs. So excited :partying_face: can’t wait to see what 50lbs of disappointment looks like. It shows that I should be receiving it tomorrow. :tada: