November CRAPS! Post Them HERE!!!



Hahaha! THERE is the disappointment, for both of us! Woot didn’t just hint, they clearly stated the order was split into multiple packages. Bad, mean Woot! Seriously, it shouldn’t be that hard to say “or maybe we just created a new label for the one package you’re getting.”


BoC arrived!

  • 1 Dr. Who Hoody
  • 1 Navy Blue Polo
  • 1 Finding Dory Destiny Toy (rolls around on wheels)
  • 1 “Let’s Eat” Pig Tray
  • 1 Double walled plastic cup with straw (includes some local school mascot)
  • 1 Box of Headrest Hanger
  • 12 Knight Locks (all share the same key)
  • 1 Woot! Pen
  • 1 Woot ? Bag
  • 1 Girls keychain
  • 1 Fantastic Beasts Character Guide Book
  • 1 Bag of Chain Stringers (for fishing)


haha, that’s awesome! You should play the lottery. :smiley:


My LE bag is here!

Revolution blanket
Screaming Monkey
Woot! bag
the Woot! stuff that’s in all LE bags
Watermelon slicer
Titan’s reserved parking
XL green hoodie
Titan socks
Fantastic Beasts book
door stopper

and an Echo Dot!

Thanks for the fun, no dissapointment here!


That cat has some attitude!

I’ll just put my butt…RIGHT HERE!

He’s gonna hurl!

And sweat. Don’t forget the sweat.

Album isn’t me. That happened to be in our pile of crap.


Don’t let that look fool you, she’s a sweet​:heart: :wink:


One of the only “landed in the VOP” and actually made it all the way through stories I’ve seen. Like Sasquatch, Nessy and UFOs. Lots of people say it’s real but I’ve never seen it.


I can’t believe I’m going to say this out loud but I’ve never actually shared pictures with anyone off my phone other than in a text message. I embarrassingly enough have absolutely no clue what I’m doing. I tried hitting the share button ( no success). I also managed to create a link to the pic but I have no idea where to pull it from to attach It.
Stupid smart phones.


When replying, tap the picture icon (rectangle with sun and mountain) above where your text goes. That’ll prompt you to attach a pic from your device.


I tried to send you a PM, but not sure I did it right. Yes, the MagSafe is up for bids.


My LE BOC, dog (Jagger) and Sam the cat not included in the box (sorry for the semi-blurry pic):

the standard woot included items
picture frame
iphone 6 case
food storage containers
door stop
gray medium shirt
draidel (sp?) plastic mold
left hand golf glove, medium
and a firetv stick 4k!


  1. Bag of Texas air
  2. Two Fantastic Beasts and where to find them magical movie handbook
  3. Two Woot office pens
  4. Woot Bag o’crap bag
  5. Your value doesn’t decrease because someone doesn’t like you poster
  6. Snorting pig – my kids are going to love this
  7. Two Emojeez winter hats
  8. Serotonin and the Dopamines the happiness tour hoodie
  9. Basily Elite infuser water bottle
  10. Ice Cube mold
  11. Two kitchen sink strainers
  12. Loofah back scrubber
  13. Nesting Kitchen tongs
  14. What’s the word? the card game
  15. Brown folder
  16. Big Mazes and more activities book


Here is my (not)bag of (not)crap! I will also say out loud that I have no idea what I’m doing. I couldn’t figure it out on my phone so I sent myself the picture so I could upload it from a computer. Anyway, I got a Cleveland Browns putter grip, a bipod for a Nerf Blaster, a pack of bath tub treads featuring Team Lightning McQueen, a green LED light, an Orbeez crush and draw art kit, a Woot pen, the bag of crap logo bag and last but not least a shirt that says “wanna rub my butt”.


Blue hoodie sweatshirt with a rabbit looking like a penguin.
Lap blanket
Coffee mug not a puzzle!
Scoop for kitty litter :frowning: she crossed the rainbow bridge on September 18
2 mossy oak tree’s for someone’s kid
Crib sheet set
Jets pom pom hat
Football sleeveless mittens with no team!
8 Halloween cups
No woot branded items
No bag or Texas air

This might be my last BOC…I always seem to get baby and kid stuff. Something I wanted so bad in Life (a child) but couldn’t and while they’re random sometimes they don’t seem it. If it were once in awhile it wouldn’t hurt, but the last handful have brought me to tears…one box I couldn’t bring myself to even post…not my best time of year and I’m crying over crap now too…


Got mine in yesterday! Always exciting to open the box and see what crap came! We will see how long it takes my husband to notice he has a new shirt - I threw it in his laundry pile. :grimacing:


We did it as a video -

The mostly complete list:
Woot Bag
A Woot Pen
Pool Jarts game
“F*ck it, Let’s Drink” shirt
XenoMorph Dark Ale Hoodie
qty 2) 1/2" drive 14mm sockets
rifle bore brush
Bright undies.
Halloween flag
Dory Shark Toy
Cosmetics Sorter
Bungee cords

Appropriately underwhelming – still have high hopes for the LE BOC!


I was really hoping you got an envelope! The excitement caught on camera would have been fun!


You all have me a little excited about my letter. Not sure if I posted it correctly as it was my first BOC and have never heard anything about letters before. (Still waiting on an email for more “crap”)


That video was great. I’ve never heard of a St. Berdoodle but I looked it up and they’re huge!

Glad you were able to laugh at the shirt. :smiley:


My 2nd ever BoC has arrived. Certainly more interesting this time. Last one was aimed at children.

This is gonna be part of my dad’s present this year. Opened it on the off chance it contained a letter (no luck though :frowning:)

It contained:
BoC tote
Woot Pen
Three air bubble packing things (Texas air?)
Bag of balloons
Cooling Towel
Steeler’s zip up shirt (XXL I think)
Address Labels
Filter Bottle (not quite sure how this works)
Head Massager
Drawer Pull

And the award for the weirdest thing:

Some sort of shutoff valve thing. It’s really heavy.