November CRAPS! Post Them HERE!!!



Balled up Bag o crap, a couple shirts , an Ohio cooler cup, and 2 Tramp Dresses… Even the guy who packed it seemed disappointed. No letters, no love.


My Woot Letter Crap still says 50 lbs but now it also says it’s 24 x 24 x 24 and due for delivery tomorrow, 12/5/18. I guess my 70" flat screen might be slightly folded up in there…


Huge hugs to you, Kathleen. I don’t have any magic words to make it better but please know I’m thinking about you. Please take care and feel free to message me if you ever need to vent, cry, or whatever.




“YAY for end of year crap! And I’ll post what you send me!!”
I got a letter from Wootbot and it told me to say that. Please send more crap! I promise to post it!


Congrats on the letter! @ThunderThighs is this the last one?


love the shirt! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


One of the best Bags of Crap EVER! Featuring several items for NFL teams I have no particular affection for, and one I actively root against. It arrived yesterday, when I was rather appropriately doing prep work for a colonoscopy.

The useless:
A replacement trimmer head for a Gator SpeedLoad Trimmer, which we do not own.
Size 5-6 slippers, Pittsburgh Steelers. I wear a 9, and I hate the Steelers
Two child size 10 Mossy Oak t-shirts. My daughter (whom they would fit) looked at them and judged them “Meh.”
Gutter strainer. We live in Phoenix. No gutters

The marginal:
Pair of reflective snap bracelets. We do live in a dark community, but it’s very quiet and we don’t get much traffic.
IPhone 6 wallet case: San Diego Chargers. I do have an iPhone 6S, but have no particular affinity for the Chargers, who aren’t even in San Diego any more
Stocking cap: Jacksonville Jaguars. Again - Phoenix, and team I don’t care about
Knit wristwarmers: Cincinnati Bengals. They coordinate nicely with the Jags hat, but I’m not a Bengals fan, either, and I still live in Phoenix where such garments are unnecessary.
Bath set - “two mesh sponges and a foot brush.” I have much better versions of the same.
Pre-school sticker book. I’ll donate this to daughter’s school.

The useful, but boring:
Christmas gift bag with tissue (I’d hoped the tissue was a letter, but no dice)
Christmas ribbon and bows (do not match bag)
Small box of trash bags

The useless, but interesting:
Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them Magical Movie Handbook. I wasn’t crazy about this movie, but largely because it was completely non-sensical to me. Maybe this will help.
Woot ? bag

Useful and interesting:
Size XL ASICS long-sleeved jersey shirt. Not really my style, but I might wear it if I’m going outside in chilly weather.
Set of Kuhn-Rikon knives Colori+ Professional knives: chef’s, utility, and serrated paring

Woot pen: “Is this meeting over?”
A Christmas Story sweatshirt, size XL. Perfect, perfect, perfect. I love this so much, and will wear it often this time of year!!

With daughter’s cat
Bag%201|666x500 !



Le Boc Boc: What a french chicken says.


Woot BOC tote
Woot pen
Pad of sticky notes
Birthday dog coffee? Cards
Team boy, team girl stickers
Black binder
Black XL shirt
Orbeez refill toy thing
Snoopy gift bag
Inkspirations book
Kurt Cobain CD- Montage of Heck
Motorola talkabout 2 way radio earbud with PTT
Tribe 32oz hot/cold container


Wooohoo! Another letter! Kristen will be busy again in the warehouse!


There’s one still out there in the wild.


Disappointed once again:
-Woot Bag O’Crap eco-bag
-Crab insulated Wine Bottle Cozy
-GE 40 Watt candelabra bulbs (now I need a candelabra)
-Orbeez set (had to watch a few YouTube videos to figure out what this was…still not really sure)
-Motorola Talkabout 2 way radio Earbud (now I need a 2-way radio)
-sting of plastic pearl beads
-box of glue dots (these are more helpful than you can imagine)
-packaging tape (nice reminder to send out my Christmas presents)
-Brown Leviton outlet
-Team Boy/Team Girl Gender reveal stickers (if found these will give me mother-in-law false hope…next time Team NOPE stickers will be fine)
-Six dog Birthday greeting cards
-2 “Also available in Sober” keychains (I have questions about this one)
-Lined Stick on note pad
-Fantastic Beasts Magical Movie Handbook
-Inkspirations Animal Kingdom Coloring Book
-XL Black V-neck Mens shirt (my husband is disturbed by the deep V collar)
-Womens Size S “Worlds Greatest Dad” t-shirt
-Crappy WOOT pen
-Odd metric sized swivel ratchet adapter
-Brown box much loved by Snickers




Got a pretty interesting haul for my 2nd crap ever. :slight_smile: Was hoping for a pen though. :frowning: Alas…

  • small NFL shirt and small MLB Cardinals shirt
  • head massager-thing… looks tingly!
  • poop emoji squishy
  • bows and ribbons for presents
  • Pocket Magnifier
  • loose bouncy goo and a box of bouncy goo
  • Stars projection lamp
  • Bag O Crap reusable bag
  • food containers that are reusable
  • gloves
  • random file folder

All in all I was completely disappointed! : )

Across the board it seems like the BoCs were rather vaired this time. Wish I could have gotten an LE! I missed it by a few minutes last time.


1/2" ball valve, usually used for plumbing.


This Cyber Monday Crap came last Friday one day early, but I have been distracted till now. Got a WOOT pen, so I’m happily disappointed.


1x non-Paper crap bag reusable, Yay!
1x Woot pen inside. Yay!
1x Indianapolis Colts large flat purse
1x 2 food storage containers
1x Head massager
1x three child size hangers
1x 2 Greece drink hangers red and black
1x 3d Drawing Pen Kit
1x graduation autograph book - my last graduation was 39 years ago!
1x package of Bagibobs reuseable Grocery and Produce bags
contains 3 folded bags with pictures of dogs with a pocket to fold
back into (which will not be possible)
2 mesh produce bags that would also work to wash lingerie.
The most Unique Item was :
1x brass boatswain’s whistle in a decorative wooden and brass box

  • I thought it didn’t whistle, but my hubby told me I just wasn’t blowing hard enough, he was right.


And I have to brag on my display - it’s my Dad’s crib that we used to hold the presents at my niece’s baby shower. It’s 103 years old.



My LE BOC opened earlier than I planned. In hopes of finding white elephant presents for Christmas. I’m probably set on that count.

-Cert of Crapthenticity

  • Woot LED caribiner light
  • Woot caribiner knife
  • Woot Monkey in green cape
  • Woot bag
  • Woot mouse
  • Vikings knit hat (nice coincidence, I live in MN)
  • LA Rams knit gloves
  • Sterilite storage cooker
  • ‘Sleek Stopper’ Door stop
  • Darth V. Worlds Greatest Dad glass
  • Qty. 6 Smart Box meal prep containers
  • Oakland Raiders FN purse
  • iPhone 6 Disney case
  • MacBook Retina 13.3 slim shell.
  • size XL sports bra
  • size S grey t-shirt
  • size L Mossy Oak t-shirt
  • qty 2. 28 piece ‘lenticular’ puzzles
  • 20 pack AA True Value Alkaline batteries
  • Riot Glass iPhone 6s screen protector.
    And the Big Item…
    Kindle E Reader
    Thanks Woot! Thanks T-T!


For a unique item you get a brass boatswain’s whistle in a decorative wooden and brass box while I get a net mask to protect a horse’s face from flies! Life is not fair. Enjoy your collectors item.


I feel especially fortunate as the Wootbot has seen fit to send me TWO boxes! The first arrived today! Video below
November 26 BOC Unboxing 1 of 2!

Excited about what the second box will bring!