November CRAPS! Post Them HERE!!!



I got caught up in crap not related to the box, but I can’t forget to post. Thankful for an interesting box.

Opened parchment paper that is still taped shut (someone opened it wrong)
nerf bipod (no gun included)
Woot tissues
Purple portfolio
1 large back loofah
Bengals cap
Virginia Cavalier’s Large polo
1 Awesome shirt.woot dragon shirt
1 pair Adidas size 10 woman’s shoes (already know who is getting this Christmas)
Paper Shreds (may give to my friend who has a rabbit)
Ninja Erasers (They are being sealed in their container less I lose them)
The Cubes- worker Joe
Finding Dory wind back Destiny toy (Given to Toys for Tots)
Electronic Train Toys (I threw in more batteries and gave to toys for tots)

It was a great haul that will make a lot of people happy. Thank you Woot for letting me buy a box that will help with the cheer of many. I can’t wait to shrink the shirt.woot shirt a tiny bit to wear it myself.


that’s a lot of green!! very nice.

waiting to open mine……

did you ask TT to help you find your froggy avitar ?? I miss it. :sunglasses:


I think I know what to do, just haven’t gotten around to doing it yet. I mean… screenshots, cropping, image uploads… Jeesh.


Obligatory Crap Post, got it about a week ago, better late than never though:

  • Russian Flag
  • Seahawks Shirt
  • Plain Black Shirt
  • Rubberband Ornithopter Kit
  • (3) My Little Pony Fashems
  • Princess Las Vegas Tiara (unfortunately, broken)
  • 2 Black Outlet Covers
  • Fantastic Beasts Movie Handbook
  • Peter Pan VHS
  • Bath Set
  • “Very Special Son” Ribbon
  • Jewish Gift Bag
  • Soap/Chocolate Molding Tray
  • 4" Black PVC Elbow
  • Green Bag O’ Crap

And last but certainly not least, a pretty spectacular Woot! pen (Not pictured, but others have posted) that needed to go to work immediately, for those meetings that just never end.


Got my Thanksgiving Bag o’ Crap from 11/22 and finally got around to posting.

Here is my haul:

  • Woot Pen
  • Woot ? Bag
  • bag of small bows
  • Light up snail
  • Poppit cupcake toy
  • How to Catch an Elf Book.
  • High Voltage sign
  • Plain White Apron (going to customize)
  • Popples toy
  • Bigfoot Gift Tag stickers
  • Stainless Steel mug
  • 2x chalkboard set

No Screaming Monkey or letter. :frowning:
But it was still a lot of fun :slight_smile:

Thanks Woot Peeps!


Did you steal my cat???


Love that light up snail! what is the manufacturer name on it?


BOC friends, our friends at Amazon have what might be our best tool for dealing with the disappointment of all our efforts. On sale now.
Perpetual Disappointment Diary


WOW! This must be one of the coolest BoC items ever.

(Also, thanks for the earbuds Woot! After a couple days of using them, I’ve finding it increasingly difficult to be disappointed.)


Well, I guess I can say I’ve gotten better and I’ve gotten worse.

  • Paper Woot! ? Bag

  • Woot! Pen

  • Nabi Barbie Activity tracker

  • Desk clock with a picture of the US created from license plates from each state forming that state

  • Multi-pack of orange poly folders

  • An XL American Apparel V-neck T-shirt

  • Set of 50th birthday Candles (I can use them in 2 years)

  • Container of Sidewalk Chalk/Paint

  • No certificate

  • California Costumes Toys Special Ops Ninja costume (probably the only thing that will see use)

As always, fun for all!


I ran home when I got the delivery notice so I could examine my Extra Large Bigger BOC (ELBBOC). I also just wanted to be first!
Watch this space as I’ll be posting photos and breakdown of the items including Amazon prices this afternoon once I have time at work.

Box was bulky and heavy. 25" on each side.

54.6# on the scale.

Now we can start the breakdown, from left to right:

  • Spire Aviator Men’s XL camo & blaze orange bomber jacket. Fits me amazing, great job TT. MSRP on tag: 69.50. Amazon price: 39.99
  • Speakman Neo brushed nickel towel bar $75
  • Ten 24" LED linear bulbs in bubble wrap- not sure, but the listings look like they’re usually pricey. My LEDs are all 48" and will last another 10 years
  • Colin Kapernick print on wood. Looks to be about $30-40. I’m a Cowboys fan.
  • Double sleeping bag. I’ll have to update with the brand but I’m seeing prices of $50-150.
  • Puppy jacket. Size small. Will go to my friend’s Frenchie just like the last puppy Christmas sweater. I’ll share a pic of that below.
  • Ceramic Snowman with battery powered LEDs inside
  • Battlefield 1 Exclusive Collector’s Edition for XBox 1 with 14" statue. Haven’t opened this yet to see if the game is included. $75 or more
  • 2 dozen super bouncy balls. About $8
  • Rev-A-Shelf single pull-out basket. At least $50. My wife renovates and reorganizes peoples kitchens and closets so this will have a good home.
  • Metal Fest 1990 World Tour shirt, featuring Aluminum, Lithium, Mercury, Platinum, etc. Hilarious. Size S. $19.
  • Banzai Splash Sprint Racing Slide $13
  • Forgot to include the Tamo iPhone 7 Plus 4000mAh battery case $35 for the gold model

Tried to see if Grey liked boxes as much as all the cats on here. That’s a definite no.

Finn, however, was extremely pleased with his Christmas sweater with belt and bottle holder details.

My most conservative cost estimate for this box is at least $500.
This has been the greatest disappointment ever!

PS- This new forum system is legitimately awesome. I’ve been editing and uploading from my phone and desktop simultaneously.


YAY! You kept your promise! I like the doggo for scale but I don’t think doggo is very happy. :slight_smile:


Sorry for the delay @ThunderThighs, it’s been crazy around here. I know how you want to hear about everyone’s disappointment, so without further ado, here’s mine!

  • Some kind of art kit (my daughter stole this shortly after I took this picture)
  • Ice shot glasses kit
  • 20x trash bags (already in the camping box)
  • Fantastic Beasts movie companion
  • Lined sticky-note pad
  • LED camping light (also in the camping box)
  • Coiled phone cord
  • Green woot crap bag
  • Woot pen (I’m disappointed it’s notthe “Whyare we eree” version)
  • “Poop happens” emoji cap
  • Packing tape
  • Air horn (I can’t wait for my daughter’s next race)
  • Book of mazes and coloring activity
  • Set of placemats (?)
  • Plastic articulated snakes (my sons snagged these and made one super snake first thing)

In the end, everything will get used, even if it’s just in the office white elephant exchange.

Thanks for all your disappointing work!


I bet cats would love it!


Thanks peaceetc…holidays have been hard since my parents died in 2003 after my dx…losing Nikita on my birthday after 16 years this year, bad cancer scans and got left out of something that meant a lot to me just broke me even harder. Looking forward to April…nothing’s going on


I really hope things get better for you, Kathleen. I meant it when I said you could message me if you need to talk.


here is a closeup of the box @blueskydark


That’s awesome. Mine is still on the way… Says it’s supposed to be delivered today but it doesn’t look like it made it to Arizona yet. Probably be tomorrow.


:rofl::rofl: @ThunderThighs when I asked if you had any more of the snowman plates I was thinking like two packs… not 23 boxes worth! I cannot wait - will be using my new woot pen to try and end meetings early so I can run home to unbox. :package::video_camera::camera:


PALLET TIME!!! Take all the photos for this, @mbielich. :smiley: