November CRAPS! Post Them HERE!!!



That’s Awesome…I’m guessing your holiday shopping is DONE. I do hope you take pics!


I double dog dare you to find an actual boatswain’s mate and call it a “whistle.” They love that.


I just got my shipping number, checked the fedex site and I’m a little scared. It’s 1 item at 360 lbs.


Terrifying. Just a little bit.


Sweet! I’m totally sure it won’t be a pallet of grimy garbage that collected in some forgotten corner of the warehouse so don’t you worry about that.


This is very cool…I would’ve loved to have gotten one of those.



I double dog dare you to find an actual boatswain’s mate and call it a “whistle.” They love that.

The label on the outer box said: Boatswain (Bosun) 5" Whistle Chain with Rosewood Box. I don’t know any Boatswains so all I can do is quote the box.

What is the correct term for this?


from wiki:

A boatswain’s call, pipe or bosun’s whistle is a pipe or a non-diaphragm type whistle used on naval ships by a boatswain. It is pronounced, and sometimes spelled, “bosun’s call”.


Hmmmmmm. Hopefully you took the advice in the email about making room. Lol.

Oh my! What to do!?


Okay WOW - a true load of crap! Lots of cool stuff, Ninja hoodie, sweaters, t-shirts, copper lined undies, and on and on. My luck that as an average sized adult male with no pets, no XSmall, 3XL or 2XL family members, I basically scored a cool paper airplane kit and safety goggles. But who cares? Hell, I won!!! Thanks TT!


checking in as promised to report on my most awesome letter haul (i don’t want to call it crap, bc most of the items were far from crappy)

first, for a bit of perspective, an image of the 50lb box itself!!! great excitement upon its receipt, after YEARS of hoping to get a letter and a subsequent LARGE letter box!

then, i will first list the truly random/ODD items (to me-surely they are not odd to all, i imagine)

what the what??? some sort of ‘black gypsy chandelier’ LOL. 'mmm ok then, moving on…

more random stuff (worry not, and feel free to skip ahead, as AMAZING stuff awaits…)

random coppery-colored plate (states hand wash only ?!?)
and random letter N in decorated wood, presumably for hanging onto wall of person whose name begins with an N or who otherwise has a particular affection for the letter N

now, more (and last of) random stuff:

an arkansas sticker of some sort, and (though i didn’t include the photo) a rolled-up poster of NFL football denver broncos logo (dang poster would just not stay flat-too rolled up, so take my word for it, a life-long jets fan)

next: 3 items in one photo, for expediency:

a very plush/soft dog bed with a roll of reynolds wrap aluminum wrap as well as many, many super bouncy colorful balls (placed in a woot-logo cup from previous BOC score)

there really IS a lot of stuff to post about (#sorrynotsorry): i hope you don’t think this is too long, TT-just trying to share my excitement.


Kurt cobain CD/DVD with poster, frameable, of the artwork for same

next, a polo-shirt, in my size:

yes, there’s more-now for the truly even more awesome stuff:

a floor-space rug (not really syncing with the building hallway pattern, but will work elsewhere in the apt):

i have apparently run out of space for this post, so will post the remainder of my haul in a minute.



back again: here is the floor-space rug:

next: a laundry organizer and carry-on bag, in a color i really like!

ALMOST THERE: 3 more items to go. saving the best for last…

a water filter-purifier system:

a re-spiffied, apparently originally returned as ‘bad’ (as per the markings on the box) very heavy HP laptop circa 2013-don’t have all of the specs handy. i am a mac ‘all the way’ gal but work is all windows land, so will find a use for this:

and now, for the piece-de-resistance. if you have traveled on this journey with me, i have arrived to the crowning piece in the box:

ready??? check this out!

YUP, a quadcopter drone (see one of today’s woot offerings for facsimile)!!!


to end, i want to repost a photo that i believe @Indiefab submitted earlier, of his/her pooch grey in the letter crap box.i don’t have a pooch, sadly, but i wanted to finish with the image of a super-cute pet.


thanks again, TT and woot staff! very grateful.


Yes, pipe is what they prefer. They don’t have much else so they get uppity about semantics.

The bos’n pipe is still used to this day on all surface ships to get the crew’s attention. They are also commonly used for ceremonies. Here’s some recordings if you’d like to get some practice.


That “N” is really a “Z” for Zorro if you just give it a turn.

Wonderful haul. You’ve inspired me for trying for BOCs for at least the next 10 years.

Newly rededicated here.

And of course I :heart:'d your excellent report.


Very disappointed.

Nice job!


I have some vintage crap coming today!


Bring on the Zunes!


BOC has arrived;
Pretty nice haul, but oddly enough I keep getting notifications of a 2nd package but no letter :frowning:

1 - Fantastic Beasts book
1 - Box of Bouncing Putting
1 - Ribbon
1 - Green Toys Boat
1 - How to catch an Elf book
1 - bag o marbles
1 - Whiffle balls
1 - ? Bag
1 - Pair of Sunglasses
1 - Poop stress toy
1 - Bag of Shredded paper

I wish I could say I was disappointed, but sadly I was not. Now to figure out what the 2nd box is…


YAY!!! You kept your promise and posted!! Kristen came up with some good stuff!

That shirt folder is the BEST when packing shirts AND you have a new suitcase to go with it.

Make Sheldon Cooper proud!


SadlyI am as unmusical as one can possibly be without being totally tonedeaf. I found items like this with slightly fancier boxes for $10 on Amazon oe $15 on eBay.