November CRAPS! Post Them HERE!!!




There’s no second box. They printed labels to ship on Tuesday but couldn’t get them out. UPS requires that items ship on the same day the label is printed so we had to print new labels the next day.

Sorry for the confusion.


See… Now I am disappointed lol

Thanks TT


Sorry for the late post. We got our serious disappointment this past Saturday.

3x Bags of Texas air
1x Orbeez crush and draw set
1x Finding Dory toy
1x CUBES cubicle toy set
1x Woot shirt
1x ? paper bag
1x set of tissues to cry into
1x back loofa
1x Denver Broncos XL bowling shirt
1x Univ. of Texas shoes

My daughter and I tried that Orbees thing and all it did was make a huge mess. My wife was particularly disappointed by the mess we made with it all over the kitchen. So, overall, it was an all-round family disappointment. THANKS WOOT!


NO SECOND BOX!!! Now I am seriously disappointed. My disappointment seems to get worse instead of better. I guess the 90 shipping bags in this box will help me start my on bags o crap. My box had diarrhea this time. Here’s the spew💩
90 x shipping bags
Corn cutter
My second How To Catch an Elf book
Bag of poopy brown shredded paper
An out of package Nerf bow n arrows
Fantastic Beast book
A pool pillow tube. Sure wish I had a pool.
3 pack waffle balls
Halloween mini cookie cutters
Questionable bag
I really needed some crying towels this time. No towels, no screaming monkey, no letter😿an NO SECOND BOX–how disappointing
It actually said additional items for your order😿

Almost forgot the squishy poop



How could you forget the squishy poop?


It blended in so well with all the other shhhhtufffff. :blush:


The Vintage Crap came today

Here is what I got:
Some Women’s shoes, size 6.5
A sunglass retail display with 3 of the 4 needed screws. I’m almost in business
A hand strength builder
A woot monkey
Food containers
Woot bag
World greatest dad shirt.woot glass
Who the heck is woot paper
Woot laptop mouse
Woot keychain swiss army knife with carrying case
Woot keychain led light.
No knots detangling brush
Shirt.woot plush toy

Some great crap.
Thank you woot for running the giveaway!


Yeah, the vintage crap was determined to be sucky at the last minute despite me asking them to look at it first. Sigh.

We substituted with some other crap we had.


Haha! I can’t imagine what would not make the cut for something free. :joy: You have me curious.



You mean there’s crap that’s too crappy to be crap? I thought the boxes were getting kinda plush now they’re putting two matching shoes in em.


I need to check to make sure it isnt two left shoes or something hahaha


I got two matching boots last year. Legitimately matching. As in both size 14 and both left foot.

They’re still up for grabs if anyone wants them…


Left and right, both the same size. It’s an actual pair that goes together!


They do look pre worn. I see some mud or dog poop (maybe true crap!) in the tread. They look new though. Have the tag, paper in the shoe, and everything.


Maybe they were worn once to step in some crap so they’d be a legit BoC item?


LE Crap

The Good, the Bad and the Nasty edition

The Good

Woot Stuff

  • Certificate of Crapenthicity          {Was there any doubt?}
  • Lighted Mouse                               {Cool and already in use}
  • Keychain light
  • Pocket knife                                   {Perfect size for tiny children}
  • Reusable bag
  • Monkey                                           {Dogs and kids fighting for custody}
  • Totes McGoats plushy


  • World’s greatest Dad Glass           {Thanks, how did you know?}
  • Sleek Door Stopper                        {The grey poupon of door stoppers}


  • Fantasy Football Champion Shirt    {Mama told me Foosball is the devil}
  • Jets knit cap                                       {This was already disposed of given to a friend}
  • Black t-shirt                                        {Makes me feel like the Fonz. Heyyy!}
  • Lock Laces - 2 count


  • iPhone 6 Plus case
  • Mini notepads - 10 count                 {Perfect to keep track of my crap inventory}
  • Fantastic Beasts Book                       {Super rare and also my new nickname!}
  • The Princess Bride sticker

Grand Prize

  • Fire TV Stick 4K            {Oh thank you Jesus! Without this my better half would’ve killed me.}

The Bad…

  • Smart Box containers      {This sounds cool but for the life of me I can’t figure out how to plug these in}
  • Pard LED Wirst Watch    {2 worked out of 10. Batteries cost more than the watch is worth.}
  • Haunted Doll Costume    {Fits daughter, she thinks it’s creepy!}

And finally what makes this box truly crap…

The Nasty…

  • Reddragon gaming mouse

This is easily the grossest thing I’ve ever seen in my life and I’ve witnessed each of my children being born!
It looks like like a mixture of ear wax and potato chips caked all over it. Ewwwww!!! :face_vomiting:
You outdid yourselves this time Woot! Congrats.

Overall a fun box with lots of variety. We’ll use 90% of it especially the Fire Stick since I was actually shopping for one of these.

I just wish I could get the thought of all of that crust in the gaming mouse out of my head when I try to sleep at night.

Thanks Woot!


Well, we are a dog friendly workplace… but not in the warehouse.


There’s probably a lot of DNA in there too. No idea where that came from.