November CRAPS! Post Them HERE!!!



So my FedEx shipment said it would be 25" x 25" x 24" and 45 lbs! Thankfully the box wasn’t because it would still be on the porch.

The purple things are towels but they are actually decent. I have no idea why I got sent so many balls, but more balls than sense in this box! I got a medium pet bed and a small dog vest. My Rottweiler appreciates these items. They fit like a glove on a foot. Tp link smart plug which is great if it works I haven’t tested it. A refurb Dyson fan that got returned to Amazon hope it works. A peacock pillow. Socks cause socks. Refurb headphones steel series. Foscam up cam indoor only. Some weird organizer that the balls are in. Glue dots. Designers fountain lamp thing, an angel fish sealife statue and an Christmas ornament organizer


I already posted it arrived today. I’m bad at following directions to a t, but usually do what is asked of me ish


You should get that printed on a shirt. LOL

Hopefully there was enough disappointment in that box to get you through the month! Enjoy!


Wow, I’m super late with this post as it came last Friday.

Busy Moms kid book
Nautical coloring book
Large men’s v neck shirt
Cord bytes
Bouncing clay
Sink strainer
NY Jets hand warmers
Woot pen
Christmas plates
Bag o’ Crap bag
Small Dog bed

I see a whole lot is stocking stuffers for the in laws. Thanks Woot!


Here’s my regular Cyber Monday Crapola

Contents included in no particular order…

Pink Running Socks for the Mrs.

Awesome Aviator Jacket just short enough to NOT fit me

Star Wars Socks for the boy

Woot Pen!!!

One of those safety kids belt with decorative bone charms and a convenient loop to attach a leash

Black Shirt & Rubber Mallet which we’ll use to reenact our favorite tv comedy

Misc crap
Green Woot bag
Previously photographed mallet which broke about 15 seconds afterwards
Bike tire innertube
Fishing gear
Skull Cookie cutter
Christmas bags

Honestly I can’t think of a much better way to spend $10. It’s worth it just to experience the anticipation from the time I win until after all the spoils have been revealed. It really makes me feel like a kid at Christmas.

Thanks Woot!


Thanks that means I wasn’t the last person whose bag came last Friday to post!


Just got mine… last Friday too… but it took 7 days for the for drug store to develop the boc pictures…

(Where do you feed printed pictures into a computer? Is there a slot, like there is for DVDs?)


I think you just raised the bar for BOC posts. Great work!


I feel like we were taken on an epic $10 adventure. I laughed, I cried, I felt inadequate for posting normal pics of my crap. Good job!


Well, here is my Nov 23 regular boc that fills me with hatred and disappointment…

(…best part is the empty box)

(…smells of feet)

(…taped shut?)

(…guess that’s it, I’m out’ta-here)

Coraxis &Co - Board-game Manufacturer recommended age 6 years and anyone who is braindead $2-$18

Finding DORY Destiny - Came opened and resealed with TAPE…Broken. $10 or dumpster pull.

Emperor Pickletine Rides The Bus - I think it’s a book, but not sure it really follows the true definition of what a book really is. For children 9 months and under. $6.18 Hardcover

Ninja Erasers - 5 multi-coloured Ninja shaped and made from real ninja corpses. (Defective, will not erase images off computer monitor.) $5.52

"?" Paper Bag - Use for lunches or hiding stuff for The Riddler? $1.Deadtree

The Cubes Set 2: Joe Mini-Figure Playset - Build a replica of your own woot space. (You guys really hate me :frowning: ) $5.77

Denver Broncos NFL Bowling Shirt Strike Plus XL - It’s a shirt for bowling on horseback??? Really not sure??? N.F.L. licensed = Neurectomy Farrier Legion? $-68.01 (You owe me woot!!!)

Woot BATCAT T-Shirt - Size SSSmmmaawwlll but not small enough for the cat. $42.42 ( :pouting_cat: )

adidas Originals Men’s NMD_R1 STLT PK Running Shoe - Size 4.5 (These are small enough for the cat :joy_cat: ) Really woot??? $125.69 (…this has to be a fake price.)

NOW the best thing in the boc…

woot! Wallet Tissues - 10 sheets X 3ply $1.Anotherdeadtree

Well at least the shipping was free… :cry::cry::cry:


PS: You get the award for the most organized BOC post maybe EVER.


I especially like the table with comments formatted for spacing. I just learned how to do that the other day with the PoGo friend codes on the Pokemon Topic.

Now I want to learn all of the coding!


What kind of award? Like a 500lb pallet of rubber duckies?


I’m speechless! Thank you for this award! I’ll cherish it forever.


Since it’s the holidays maybe something like this would be appropriate???


My cats have been mad that I haven’t posted this yet, even though I had to pick it up first. My default mailing goes to my folks instead, and when a BOC comes up, there’s no time to even think about changing an address.

Pinking shears and spider webs. Don’t they know I already have enough spider webs as it is?!?

Cambro 1/6 serving pan & costume pearls:

Dusk to Dawn 2 DVD (from TT’s collection?) and Fantastic Beasts (Harry Potter) coloring and activity book:

A partial set of Orbeez and Nabi/Hot Wheels Compete fitness band (or something or other).

Thin plastic serving dish or something or other:

The single file folder was not pictured. Up until this, my disappointment level was pretty high, until …

A jacket and an AA 2456 V-neck tee – and it’s the old USA-made AA, not the newer “made in Honduras” American Apparel. They’re my size! How’d you folks mess that one up?!?! :stuck_out_tongue:
FWIW, the jacket goes for $89: Spyder Outbound half-zip jacket

Woot pen and the prerequsite bag.

Empty box …

Not for long. At least they’re happy now.

Thanks again to TT, Donte, Kristen, and the crew for the (lack of) disappointment!


If it was open, most likely. One of son’s most likely.


SERIOUSLY. :trophy:




@ThunderThighs can we still do a giveaway of vintage crap? there’s some good stuff in the closet!