November CRAPS! Post Them HERE!!!



Got my letter crap box. 50 lbs, 25 x 25 x 25.

Home essentials glass salad bowl
Pet bed
Pet blanket monogrammed with a Y
NFL Los Angeles Chargers beanie
Spyder - women’s small jacket (price tagged at $229.00)

Rubbermaid wall hanging file organizer
Egoz sleeping bag
California road atlas
Pillow with flower print
Ethan Williams XL white dress shirt
Portable heater
Rev-a-shelf cabinet organizer rack
Tamo - iPhone 7 Plus battery case
Collapsible ornament organizer box
3 children’s clothes hangers
30 pin to lightening port Apple adapter
Refurb HP inkjet printer
65 rubber bouncy balls

And a PS2 cardboard display for the Transformers video game from 2004

All in all, not too bad a haul for the price of a BOC. I needed a printer anyway.

Thanks woot!!!


I would say my bag of CRAP is average. Afew useful items. Well worth the $10.00


Way late on posting my BOC from the app, but here goes:

1x Woot reusable bag
1x Inspirational poster
1x “Today a nap, tomorrow the world” light hoodie 2XL
2x emoji winter hats
1x ice cube mold
2x Fantastic Beast movie book
2x Woot pen :grinning:
1x flexible surfer puppet
1x power cord
1x Dresden trim
2x Whats the Word game
2x painters tape
1x coffee grinder
1x back loofah
1x bronze doorstop
1x kitchen tong set
1x Fantastic Beast coloring book
1x kitchen sink strainer

All in all, a very large BOC. Thanks Woot!


Great job Woot and Staff and Congratulations Raltor177


Thanks! The woot staff are a bunch awesome people! Christmas came a little early in our house!


That is quite possibly the best load of crap I’ve ever seen. (Except for maybe the zip ties one.)

Congratulations, what a great time to have so much crap. No holiday shopping needed. LOL.


It sure was a lot! My kids are going to be surprised this Christmas! Just hope it doesn’t start a trend of them wanting a lot of crap…


Yay, thanks @Raltor177!

I was only joking earlier, I knew you were busy with it! Thanks for posting!


Amazing amount of great CRAP!
Congrats & thanks for the great pics


WOW! You got great letter crap also!


There are a whole lot of photos, and letters, and more crap photos, it is the gift that keeps on giving! ( And no, it is not a 1 year membership to the Jelly of the Month club). Thanks for the pics to everyone!


I didn’t get any bouncy balls in my letter crap. I got 15 rubber duckies instead. I’m perfectly happy with that.


I was jealous of the people who got rubber duckies and needed some for a tea that declared I had “all my ducks in a row”, so I bought a bunch of duckies from Amazon.

Still have a lot of them, too.


I will reply in PM…


Hello everyone. Sorry it has taken me sooo long to list my bag of crackers. Here we go, this is what I got. Loved Everything!!! :slight_smile:

  • (1) Extra Large New York Giants Apparel.
  • (1) Star Wars Socks.
  • (1) Classic Toy LED Porcelain Night Light.
  • (1) 10 Dart Pack & Clip.
  • (1) Black Throw.
  • (1) Fantastic Beasts Book.
  • (1) Bag Of Crap Tote.
  • (1) 3 Piece Bath Set.


Thanks Dave…
Chevy and Jetta are adorable. And excelent use of your scale on your post.


Are you still wanting a pen? I might be able to manage that for you. :slight_smile:


Since my mysterious second box hasn’t moved yet, and if you’re willing to part with whatever spare you apparently might have, then…


Which will mean of course that my second box will appear without ever updating the tracking. And will have a couple of pens. And a monkey. And twelve Fantastic Beasts books. And a different Leona Whozit book (which I shall not make the mistake of starting). Of course. But then I shall either share the bounty, or equip my coworkers with woot! pens. Well, until the boss realizes they’re otherwise-branded… :smirk_cat:



(sorry, just checked Amazon–that would be Donna Leon. I was close. My brain is still trying hard to erase the entire memory of that book.)


YAY! Thank you for coming back to post the disappointment! Bigger disappointment FTW!

My neighbor grabbed this when our neighborhood replaced our street lights. She was going to make something Christmassy out of them but never got around to it. She was throwing them out and all I could see was BOC. Let me know if you make something coll out of it!

That’s the way to bear with the abject disappoint that arrived in a 24" cube.

There’s no second box. It’s a rogue tracking number. Sorry for the disappointment.