Now I have a place for "LAST POST!"



I :green_heart: Ricky Bobby



And when you are last you start another and are first



“You’ve got to learn to drive with the fear. There ain’t nothing more frightening than driving with a live cougar in the car.”

Last Post


The bag of lucky charms is my favorite.


The end is near…maybe.

Lastest post


as one door closes, another opens,
Keep on Posting


Lucas: “In the immortal words of The Doors, ‘The time to hesitate is through.”

Last Post




Lost past


Last post


a_ o_


L_st p_st


But what happens to the last post? It is awarded or simply forgot forever to die off alone?

And what about the last poster? Are they sent off to the wastelands to look for a new goal, a new purpose in life to strive for? Or are they crowned King or Queen of the Last Post and thrown up on shoulders and paraded around Wootopia? I picture a beautiful golden thrown atop millions of BOCs and surrounded by cape-wearing monkey minions. Oh Wootopia sounds like a magnificent place!

Hopefully one day I’ll see it.

Last Post. (the period makes it official).


the thread closes at 10,000 (appx max), then the last poster can open a NEW thread to continue the game

Last Post (unofficially without the period)


As the unofficial curator (unofficial title) of the last posts, I am requesting that once this last post thread is complete that we do not start a new one. There are multiple last post threads, some currently in circulation and others not. At last count I had found 10+. I think it might be prudent to parse that down to a few open threads at a time, maybe even 1, so that we can focus all of our last posting into one thread.

Totally Unoffical Future Last Post Thread Count Vote

  • Only 1 Last Post Thread
  • 2 Last Post Threads
  • 3 Last Post Threads
  • More Than 3 Last Post Threads

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That being said, when a new Last Post Thread is started, I’d like the first post to include the history of the Last Post Thread that would include the Author of the Last Post to be recognized. Or perhaps we need a “History of the Last Post Topic” to be it’s own thing. I don’t know. I’m way over thinking this.

Last Post.


Perhaps the last poster could go back and edit the actual last post to reflect which Last Post Thread to move over toward. This would narrow it down by one at least, rather than beginning ANOTHER new post. Just a thought.

something like this? one word again


Also a good idea. Speaking of which, where is the new one word? That post doesn’t like to the new one.


the new one is One Word Again (again) One Word Again (again)


It’s not linked in the last post of “One Word Again”. You should do that in case anyone else shows up there.

Edit: Any maybe post the rules in the first post again. Some of the other games have specific rules and it can get confusing.