Now I Nerd my ABCs

It’s a nerd overload.

Surprised myself by knowing them all. Call me a Nerdmeister, I guess.

Got em all EXCEPT Mal, Rocketeer, and Ultraman, never heard of them.

This is making all my nerdy dreams come true! I loved the choices for the letters & to see little cartoon “W”, I actually giggled.

Mal is the Captain of the Serenity in Firefly. Rocketeer is an older but still fun movie with Bill Campbell and Timothy Dalton. Ultraman was sort of a predecessor of Power Rangers.

All right, you got me at Kato ; )


Why not Zoidberg?

Thought Castiel was Constantine, I’m still not convinced I’m wrong.

Also, I cannot abide a shirt this nerdy referring to The Doctor as “Doctor Who”

I couldn’t even [ii]tell* that was Mal; the hair looks way too light. And I had to think a few minutes to figure out Quirrell, but otherwise, I got them all too (even if I didn’t actually know the name of the Planet of the Apes…ape). Not sure if that’s sad or awesome.

The shirt is incorrect! His name is The Doctor and not Doctor Who.

Perhaps “Doctor, The?”

I only recognized seven. I am not worthy to own this shirt.

Mal is from Firefly/Serenity and the Rocketeer is from the movie The Rocketeer.

Wait, so people are upset by The Doctor being “D”, but not The Joker as “J”?

Feel that Harry Potter is a bit over-represented (would have done “Q” from ST:TNG instead of Quirrel) but otherwise, AWESOME!!

I would trade W for something else (instead of ‘the boy’‘My name is Wesley’‘He knows.’) to have ‘Q’ (John DeLancie) instead.

Wesley who??

Wesley Crusher

Wow. I know Wesley Crusher, but I sure didn’t identify that as him.