Now that's some Crafty Crap

Yay I got one! Weird though - I didn’t buy the other things in my cart somehow. What’s up with that?

Son of a gun, that sold out fast.

that’s the 6th one I missed by a few moments this campaign.


I FINALLY got a Beautiful, Amazing, Coveted BAG OF CRAP!!!
I am SO stoked, … I seriously put a ridiculous amount of effort into getting my greedy little hands on this, undoubtedly subpar prize!
sigh… It feels like the end of a mini-age.
I can’t wait to open it & let the disappointment commence!

same old story, I wasn’t logged in.

Woohoo! My first bag of crap! Ive never been so excited for disappointment before.

Darn! Was right on top of things, but missed it! Hmmph!

Snagged one! Thank you Twitter for the hint!

Darn it!!

Seriously, every single time I check I have missed out. UGH.

So I hate to be a whiner but I had a shirt in my cart when I bought my BOC and my shirt didn’t get bought. I wanted the shirt too and it was still in my cart after I checked out??? Don’t really want to pay an extra $5 dollars in shipping for it since I was trying to place one order. I neeeeed this shirt

That shirt is pretty fantastic.

Sorry about that. To speed up BOC purchases, we go bypass the cart. This helps keep our servers from crashing quite so much.

You might write to CS to see what they can do.