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Dang…still waiting for a microwave…

I have the Breville oven, and I love it. I haven’t used our real oven in ages.

We bought ours new from Amazon back in the beginning of 2011. It’s still going strong, never had an issue with it.

We originally had a cuisinart countertop oven, but after it and the replacement one quit, we went with the Breville instead.

I find the controls for the Breville to be easier to use and more intuitive.

Very pleased to see a cast iron tea pot. I have one from another company that gets used frequently, but only holds 21 oz. After brewing in a cast iron pot, it’s all I want to use. The tea stays warm longer. A fair warning, though, that cast iron tea pots do rust, so when they say to let it air dry completely, they mean it. I let mine air dry and have only had problems when it sat on water too long. So use it, love it, and let it dry!

Can’t wait for this to arrive (okay, I can wait long enough to pay $5 and not expedited shipping costs) so I can have more options when I go to brew tea!

Anyone KNOW if one can use ANY one cup option here of if you MUST use CBTL (which I love) as it is not real accessible in the SF bay area.

Flowering tea sets are BEAUTIFUL, and the price on this one is certainly lovely.

I picked up the Totally Bamboo Butcher Block in a previous Woot! It has been a great purchase and is my go-to cutting board. It looks great sitting on the counter even after a decent amount of use (even the blueberry stains are hard to see).

It has also received favorable reviews from Amazon:

One thing to note from the reviews and my experience, get some mineral oil and use liberally.

Purchased the Cuisinart convection toaster oven. I do not own a microwave and just hate to heat up the whole house just for something small to eat. Plus, this price can’t be beat!

Toaster oven was my 98th Woot! Will I hit 100 by next week? I hope I find some good stuff!

You have to use the cbtl pods, but you can order them online from cbtl, or from Amazon, so it’s not really inconvenient.

I can’t speak to the coffee or tea pods as I haven’t used them, but it makes an impressive espresso. I bought it to tide me over until I could afford to buy the espresso machine I wanted, but the espresso is good enough that I will probably stick with this machine.

I’d also highly recommend the Breville citrus press; I bought it here several years ago and it is still working perfectly. If you just squeeze the occasional lemon or lime, don’t bother, but if you squeeze a lot of citrus fruit this is well worth it in terms of time saved and for getting every last drop of juice out.

I was also given the Primula flowering tea set as a gift some time ago. It’s nice enough as a novelty, and the tea tastes fine, but it’s not something I’d buy for myself.

There’s about 18 microwaves waiting for you at Wally World, all from the same maker(Haier), but with different names and slight cosmetic changes. No doubt these folks would have the same units in their “B” line of products, only with their name on them.

I have a cheap pump machine ($39.95 on sale) that is Chinese with and Italian pump inside. It takes about 30 seconds to fill and tamp, and 17 seconds to pull a shot. Then another 30 seconds to dump the grounds and rinse the portafilter. When I’m not feeling fancy, I buy Cafe Bustelo at about $3.35 a can (pre-ground) and it works well for me.

Just a hint.

The CLEAN Cut touchless paper towel dispenser is the best thing ever for the kitchen. Before we would just grab more paper towels than we needed, with this you can adjust how long of a sheet you want and the best part is the remaining roll stays clean and dry. This is definitely saving us money on paper towels.

Over the years I have owned just about every brand of coffee maker including a few Cuisinart models.

Without fail, the Cuisianart’s which require an additional charcoal filter, work fine for about a year and then something burns out and they start burning the coffee.

The best coffee maker we have found, and we have had it now for 3 years, is a Black and Decker. It is painfully simple to use, does not require additional water filters, makes a very decent cup of coffee, and they are priced less than these refurbished models.

Just sayin’

Warning: Tetsubin (cast iron teapots) aren’t supposed to go on the stovetop to heat your water. You’re supposed to put already-boiling water in, along with tea leaves, to steep.
(Just so no one buys this thing thinking “yay now I can boil my water on the stove”.)

Thanks… and actually a buck less with Prime right now.

In the U.S. you can only use the CBTL capsule. There are several European versions called Caffitlay. Cafei

The red bucket ice cream maker is a repeat from a couple weeks ago. Just got ours and made fresh mint chocolate chip ice cream [recipe]. It was incredible. I bought an extra ice bowl on eBay so I’d be able to make two different flavors in the same day. Also, a tip I learned from Amazon reviews is that the extra bowl can be used for quickly chilling your ice cream custard so you don’t have to wait before churning it (most recipes say chill for at least 2 hours).

This photo is of the mint infusing in the milk/cream/sugar mix, and then of the bowl after we had eaten most of it.


I also have a Primula tea pot and flowering tea set from Woot (not that exact model). It was a fun (and very pretty) novelty for a while, and it made really good tea (love their jasmine green tea), but I’m not a huge tea drinker and now just have a bunch of flowering tea “buds” sitting in the cupboards.

FEDEX, UPS, USPS and DHL all deliver to the Bay area…what you CAN’T get is quality baseball…at the moment.

Thank you! I was going to buy one, for that purpose. I use cast iron a lot, and thought this would be a good addition, but not if I can’t boil water in it!

DAMMIT! DAMMIT! DAMMIT! Every.single.time the Breville oven comes up I miss it. You need an alert system so you can flag something to notify you if it goes on sale. Grrr. This is the 3rd one I’ve missed.