NSF Stainless Steel Workbenches

NSF Stainless Steel Workbenches

Can you choose as it says in the listing somehow, or is that something that wasn’t fixed? Earlier I had a different model damaged during delivery. I’ve been waiting to see it available again.

I think it’s the latter…let me invoke the local priestess for you…


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Hi there. It’s

Size 30"X48"

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I’m guessing that means no choosing. However that is the right size, but wrong style. Without backsplash maybe in the future?

Unfortunately my 30 x 48 with backsplash unit was not 100% stainless steel and poor packing used caused the polished top to have a ragged, 3-circle & rounded 3” mark gouged into each corner of the top, ruining an otherwise-flawless polished desktop.

The entire shelf -which makes up about 45% of the whole desk - Is actually regular steel that has been hot-dipped galvanized. The “NSF” stainless steel label almost always means 100% stainless, so I don’t know what went wrong here besides extremely low quality and cheap labor creating disappointing results.

BTW, The owners manual depicts substantial wiggled casters; however, these are not included.

The lengthwise supports underneath the desktop are also galvanized regular steel and feature razor-sharp edges that have not been deburred - as is an age-old manufacturing standard in the first world. I sliced my fingers open when unpacking from the original boxes.

I’m currently negotiating with Woot! support about how to handle this without having to pack the whole unit up and ship it back; I am hoping that I can get away with a replacement top and a partial refund because I am 66 years old and disabled person and wish to avoid this painful process altogether.

I promise to follow up here after the dust settles. Cheers!

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