Nuance Power PDF 2.0 Mailer

Nuance Power PDF 2.0 Mailer

I’m genuinely confused by this. Creating PDFs is something anybody can do for free, as is editing them. Most, if not all, of the listed “features” are things anybody can do by default or with free software. Saving websites as PDFs? Most OSs have this literally built in, or at most you have to go to “Print” and then export as PDF.

I’m trying to understand what this is. The fact of why it exists at all is one thing, the price is another - seeing something like this on a deals site, I’d expect it to be like 99 cents.

I know Woot itself doesn’t have complete control over what’s available to them but this really seems like zoteare specifically marketed around getting people that don’t know any better to buy it. It’s like selling software to write emails and marketing simple things like “use custom fonts and add special signatures!” as if they’re unique and special. It really seems like this isn’t something anybody genuinely familiar with computer use would buy, so I can only possibly see it being aimed at people that… aren’t.

I could be wrong, I could be missing something big, and if that’s the case I apologize… but at the moment this seems kind of lame.


No, I think you hit the nail on the head. Just seeing a physical CD ROM made me thing this was remaindered from a decade ago.


I didn’t delve into it much further, but based on the Amazon reviews, it will convert a PDF into a word document, or vice versa. Whatever other features it has, I think the price is meant to be comparable to that of Adobe and its pro service, which charges a monthly fee. So… I guess there’s more to it? Not interested enough to investigate further.

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Love the in depth review or what I assume is very close to a review. Shame on woot for even endorsing such crap and I don’t mean the good kind this is literally crap. This is one step up from mask, gloves, sanitizer but sure isn’t something I would acknowledge as a daily app deal either. Show us disinfectant wipes or aerosol spray if you really want us to stimulate woot’s growth.

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They lost me at Internet Explorer.

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Nuance Power PDF Advanced 3.0 with 3 seats is only $3.99 on eBay, so this is basically freeware…

Like others who have commented, I am confused by this item for sale on Woot! I have purchased many things on Woot!, in fact I just received an item yesterday. However this item appears to be a ripoff!

Why Woot!?


Just to clarify, the cheaper prices prices you are seeing on eBay appear to be “hacked” versions of the software, with either no feedback or a small percentage saying it contained Trojans or the like. This is discounted from the regular price, if it something a person wants. It does have the ability to add/remove pages from a pdf, convert a scan to a word document (sort of), and remove pieces out of a pdf page, which, if you’ve found free software to accomplish all of this on a long-term basis (unlike Adobe, which does require a subscription/fee for those features, or most others, which are free trials, or want to serve you an endless supply of ads) —well please let me know what software it is. I’m not terribly fond of the business model on this software, but I have purchased it in the past and made good use of it when I’ve found it reasonably priced and legitimate, and I am not aware of cheap alternatives that really allow me to do what this does, for record-keeping purposes.

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I think Foxit PDF is free and has some solid functionality (although I didn’t do a comparison). Ive used it in the past as an alternative to Adobe.

The cheapest foxit PDF editor is 139 for an outright license or 15 dollars a month. Their reader like Adobes is free. It really does amaze me how often people post on things they have no idea about. I’m not directly saying this in response to what you wrote, just the chuckleheads at the beginning who truly had no clue what this software is for and why you’d use it.

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Ah gotcha gotcha, thank you for the heads up.

I just remember a company I used to work for switched to it from Adobe because of the pricing. They must have bought licenses outright in bulk.

I liked them because the program had a similar layout to office applications (probably on purpose). It has ita quirks but i thought was a good alternative to Adobe.

Yes I’m partial to it as well. I’ve never like Adobe’s pricing models and their is nothing intuitive in their layout design either.

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I agree, I’m not a fan of the subscription models but I get why they’re doing it ($$$ lol).

At the end of the day I use a bunch of the Adobe suite programs and I have for a while so im kind of stuck with it for the time being (or until I decide to learn something new :sweat_smile:)