Nuclear Physics

This guy got a bomb dropped on him…twice.

This was one of my least favorite in the fog. Sorry.

If the soldier had ducked and covered, this wouldn’t have happened.

This is a very cool and depressing design. I don’t know how I should be feeling here. It’s a rollercoaster of emotion!

This was a very nice illustration, congrats to the artist.

I shall now prepare for my antelope dinner…

Well I said I’d get it if it won, and so I did. 3 for 3 this derby - the 3 I voted for in the fog won and in the order I thought they would, so 3 new shirts for me.

Oh NO!!!Where’s the glassy crater? Where are the ashy shadows of the soldier and his ugly flower? WHERE IS THAT DAMNED REFRIGERATOR THAT INDIANA JONES IS HIDING IN??

Well, this is very tasteful only two days after the 65th anniversary of Hiroshima.

Also, Lemon?? Lemongrass, cream… shirt.woot is starting to sound like one of those snobby restaurants with the color naming.

Why’s that? I think it’s kind of awesome. It’s Newton’s Apple from a distance, but from up close it’s Nuclear Newton, hero of gravity and explosive devices.

Reminds me of Rip Van Winkle. Talk about the world having changed when he wakes up. (Although how he’d sleep through that, I’m not entirely sure.) :expressionless:

Apparently he wasn’t selected for Vault 101

If a mushroom cloud tree explodes in the forest and noone is around is there still fallout?

Considering that the soldier is sitting at the epicenter of the nuclear explosion, he should be nothing but disassociated atoms at this point.

I’m confused. I thought the Kawaii derby was over.

I always knew mushrooms were bad for your health…

Is that a tree or did the soldier just eat some really bad beans?

Sadly effective (and makes a zombie apocalypse look like the fun option).

Well, grats to the artist. I’m sad not to see Pulleys but at least I got my Black Hole.

This would be a great shirt to wear in front of my girlfriend while I ignore her and play Fallout 3.