Nuclear Winter

*My ticket into the Shirts on Sale Sad Rat Race

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Oh, I like this. good colors, very snowy and fun. Sort of looks like they’re building a broccoli though

Oh I actually quite like this, congrats to the artist on a great print- in for one :smiley:

Wow, that’s a great design. I’m in for one.

Haha, veeeery tempting. Nice work.

Very nice winter shirt! Like it a lot, and I’m down for a white shirt with skeletons and a mushroom cloud like igloo-tree.


very (n)ice art work. not in for one though…>.<

Cool colours (pun intended, sort of), clever design, looks good. Congrats on the print, Steven. Way to break the cute streak. :slight_smile:

I actually love the fuck out of this. Thank god it won’t be reckoned before xmas.

“This shirt was designed by: Steven Lefcourt, who swears to you that he did not trace this image from a photo of some broccoli. Go on, gif it up and check.”

This made me laugh. :smiley:

Very cool. In for one.

If only I had not just bought a woot and a teefury in the last week…

someone do it!

my only worry is the color . . . I’m a little messy, and white shirts show spilled food magnificently :frowning:

Anyway, nice to get a break . . . shirt.woot was having a bad run.

I’m going to think about this and maybe it will be my first woot ever!

Swear it’s not a trace, Steven? L OL nice jab, Woot :slight_smile:

WOWEWOWWOW- amazing, better than davinci mario. Bought immediately, gifts for others? nahhhh, passing on cannot locate heart.gif instead!

White shirts and I do not get along. That print though, is incredible.

I LUV! But I cannot wear white - it is never white by the end of the first day :stuck_out_tongue: