Nuforce BE6 Wireless Bluetooth Earphones

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Nuforce BE6 Wireless Bluetooth Earphones
Price: $79.99
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That’s a lot of wire for wireless earphones.

Product Page with Reviews

These wires go from one ear to the other. :slight_smile:

Can anyone say how the microphone is?

So…they aren’t wireless after all

I own numerous wireless headphones - including Bose. They all either have wires that connect the earpieces or are over the ear. You should do a little homework on the product before you dog a product’s description.

Maybe you were expecting some kind of earbud like you have seen on TV or in a movie…?

Do your own research. There are MANY wireless earbuds these days, not just in the movies. Only time you need a wire is to charge them. My comment was kind of a joke and I know for this price you’re going to get what you pay for (a wire).
I’m sure you can use Google to find others, but here is one brand that’s well known,