NUK First Essentials Fun Grips Hard Spou

NUK First Essentials Fun Grips Hard Spou

We got a set of these when they were sold recently and they are exactly what we need for our toddler. Kid loves to chew the silicon spouts on our other sippy cups and we have to buy replacement spouts all the time. Kid also loves to dump half of his drink onto his tray during meals and play with it.

These hard spout cups take a beating. They only “leak” whatever is between the tip of the spout and the valve, and that happens very rarely. So the meal tray stays dry, the carpet gets less juicy, and we spend less time telling him to put his drink upright.

It doesn’t solve his habit of sucking whatever he’s drinking into his mouth and then spitting it out. It’s a sippy cup, not magic.

Edit: I ordered 3 of these. I received 2 sets of blue and green and one set of purple and pink. I know some people are interested in that kind of thing.

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