Numark Mixtrack 3 All-in-one DJ Controller

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Numark Mixtrack 3 All-in-one DJ Controller
Price: $114.99
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dammit I’m old school where’s the 1400’s and an analog mixer??? Krickey I cut my teeth with a Numark and a par of 1200 MkII’s and 2000 watts on a side. “THIS HERE’s a jam for all the fellas…”

I am a DJ. This is not a bargain.

Can you expand on that a little more? What’s a better bargain? Or do you mean that you can get better equipment for a similar price?

So this one doesn’t contain an RCA output which is something that should be common. Without this, you’ll need a splitter or a convert to output sound from your computer to your speakers or PA system.

Don’t recommend.

You need a separate sound card (Numark DJIO, sold separately for around $50) before you have a functioning DJ set up. Otherwise you just have the audio output from your computer without any cue track so that you can hear what is going to play next. Many DJ controllers incorporate the sound card, but Numark has elected to keep it as an additional extra.

With prior apologies to thunderthighs, I would get the behringer with the sound card ahead of this offering: