NutriChef Food Dehydrators - 4 Styles

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NutriChef Food Dehydrators - 4 Styles
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I have a Cabelas 24 rack dehydrator and use the heck out of it.

Product Page and Manual for the PKFD14BK
Product Page and Manual for the PKFD16
Product Page for the PKFD17
Product Page for the PKFD25

Pyle—known in the electronics community as cheap and unreliable with Chinese components which are hit or miss and usually miss.

Can certainly agree as far as electronics go! I got a Pyle Bluetooth speaker, prefer my phone speaker to it!! Cheap cheap cheap, if your okay with passive air circulation, that’s where you’ll probably be before long!

We’ve been drying lots & lots of stuff with our $20 Aldi dehydrator after a very prolific front yard garden season (tomatoes, apples, berries, melons, even watermelon!) Takes about a day for complete drying. Same design as the one at Harbor Freight which is often on sale for $25 or so. Ronco sells one for more (the one I saw had a smaller coil and much shoddier plastic). It’s a common design. There is no reason to spend more for any similar passive unit (stackable trays, single coil at bottom, no fan). My advice is to go cheap & spend $25 to see if you like drying and only then spend more on an enclosed unit with adjustable temperature and fan. Contrary to instructions, DON’T do meat jerky in these - you really want a dedicated unit with good temp control.

Oh yeah, there are also lots of DIY designs on the 'net. I failed with my attempt at a solar powered dehydrator and am turning it into an electric one with ceramic heating bulbs (~$8 each.)

Having purchased ONE Pyle item (a DVD player) from Woot, I pledged never again to buy anything with the Pyle brand slapped on it.

They find the most amazingly cheaply made items with every possible corner cut to maximize their profits.

The DVD player didn’t even have buttons set into it, but plastic cut-outs in the case that, when pushed down firmly, kinda worked.

Screen resolution was very sub-par and I ended up throwing it away.

Bottom line, you can do better.

I think I found the Amazon page for the “high capacity” dehydrator. Different brand name and model number, but the size, design, and specs appear to be exactly the same. Worth noting is that it has active, horizontal air circulation.

4 reviews and 4.5 stars, though one of them says the trays started melting.