NUTRICHEF Immersion Circulator Cooker-You Pick

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NUTRICHEF Immersion Circulator Cooker-You Pick
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Prime has it for just $5 more with 1 day shipping.

Otherwise, Woot saves you a couple bucks.

My caterer used one of these to cook steaks then seared them to perfection. So tender and flavor was awesome.

The one you mentioned on Amazon seems to be an updated model too!

I can’t comment on this particular model of immersion circulator since I got into it before all the consumer products started hitting the market (back when you had to spend $600+ on the polyscience restaurant equipment >.< ).

I will point out a few things to anyone interested in this stuff though:
[]You need a separate vessel for the water, preferably heat resistant poly-carbonate that you can put a lid on. I like to wrap mine in a towel as well, anything to insulate it. When you’re cooking up 3-day pork ribs, you don’t want to waste electricity because it’s bleeding heat into your house constantly. As a bonus, the water bath will have a more stable temperature.
]You’re going to want a vacuum sealer, preferably a chamber model (eventually anyways, after a Foodsaver frustrates you for a while). You can squeak by with freezer thickness ziplocks, but they can leak and getting the air out is a hassle. Foodsavers work, but are terrible for anything that isn’t dry.
[*]Did I mention 3 day pork ribs? It’s important to know that sous vide is essentially the opposite of a pressure cooker. Some recipes take a loooong time. Hard boiled eggs for example, take about an hour. Tender chicken thighs? 2+ hours. I like mine closer to 8. Yes, really.

Hello all. I purchased this about a year ago from Woot. Loved it until the fifth use when the circulator pump stopped working. Woot made the return easy of course but, I was really disappointed in the failure. I cooked a pre-seasoned pork roast in the heat sealed bag I bought it in. Best one I’ve ever had. I HIGHLY recommend trying this way of cooking. Adding an aluminum foil lid and a kitchen towel are a great way to hold in the heat.

Less than half the price of the Joule, and a more powerful heater…interesting. I already have the Joule, however.

Interesting that the max time is mentioned. I’m not sure if the Joule has a stated max (off to the internet to find out!) Also, the Joule is rated for something like up to 40 gallons liters (10+ gallons) of water. Given that this unit is 100 watts more powerful, can it do larger water baths?

I don’t see any electrical cord in the pictures. The specs say there is a cord and it takes 120 volts. What am I missing?

“Sous-Vide Style Temperature Control”

What exactly does this mean? Whenever I see “XXXXX style”, it generally means that it resembles the original but is missing one or more features.

I have an actual Sous-Vide (Anova) and love it!

If you look at the top-down pictures, you can see part of the cord above the spring. It’s likely been photoshopped out of the other images.

I do not own one of these, so take this comment for what it worth. After reading Amazon reviews, particularly negative reviews, a reply from the manufacturer said to contact them Which reminded me that when I bought a pyle “hdgocam” from woot it eventually broke after not using it for a while, and that reminded me of how pyle is exactly as it name implies a pyle of… SO beware with this brand. As a chef, I would suggest a more reputable brand like the anova or the Joule. (I am waiting for another big sale to purchase an Anova, my sansaire also broke after lack of use, which will probably be the case for many home sous vide users).

This is an actual sous-vide cooker as well. Sous-vide is a style or method of cooking and perhaps that is why they used that terminology.

Some good info and a review here, comparing other inexpensive sous-vide cookers. One plus to this one is the power, 1200 watts, which will you give you a quicker heat up. The bluetooth Anova is 800-900 watts, the Anova One 1000 watts, the Sansaire 1100 watts just to compare.

I have an Anova One, but think I’ll grab this as I have a need for another.

My experience exactly. Thanks for posting that.

Because an immersion circulator isn’t a sous vide cooker (even the Anova). They just heat and circulate the water. To accomplish actual sous vide you need to vacuum seal something. That’s what “sous vide” means: “under vacuum.”

So, the Anova and this device allow temperature control like what is needed for sous vide cooking. But they are not in and of themselves “sous vide.” For example, you could cook in a Ziplock bag with no vacuum involved, but you could still say that this approach was using “sous vide style temperature control.”

great posts. I too got in early, but I also have a stick style device (Sansaire) and I have a few caveats.

You need to size your water bath small to allow these devices to work well. Insulation can help. I use a large Cambro that I modified the lid with a Dremel.

an under utilized option is sans vide, where you don’t vacuum seal at all. invest in some large clips and clip the tops of bags unsealed to the top of your water bath (or use the lid) the weight of the food will keep them submerged and all the air will work its way out of the process. I use regular freezer weight zip locks all the time this way.

Uuuuuuuuugh… on the fence on this one. One one hand I would like to try this out for alternative cooking options for elk… on the other hand some negative nancy reviews on the product.

I bought this unit from woot a while ago. It is ok. Sometimes I cannot figure out why it wont stop beeping or even why it will not turn on.

I know, I know…read the directions…well they are poorly translated from Chinese.

Unit is a bit noisy but if you just add a bit more water, the noise reduces.

I would not buy this again…not even as a gift for others. Just spend the extra money and buy a better unit.

You boil meat for 3 days in a plastic sack with this thing? What temp does it run at?
I suppose the cheapest cuts of meat need cooked an extended time, but cooking for days is ridiculous.

I hope you brown the meat before or after, or you’ll have a grey blob of meat.

I’ll toss a chunk of meat in my slow-smoker & you use this thing.

I guess I just get it…

@daveinwarshington - typically yes… you slap it on a hot grill or pan afterwards.


I haven’t seen anything turn ‘gray’… just juicy and medium.