NUTRICHEF Immersion Circulator Cooker-You Pick

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NUTRICHEF Immersion Circulator Cooker-You Pick
Price: $63.99
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Condition: New


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I can not attest to this device exactly, as I have only used the Anova Bluetooth. That said, this seems to be a good price to make a jump into sous vide(vacuum sealed) cooking. Some of the best steaks I’ve had were simple medium rare cooking in sous vide, with a short trip on a hot cast iron skillet for a slight sear with some salt and pepper.
Working from home, this is incredibly convenient as well. I will start it up, throw in a few frozen steaks already sealed, and go pick up my daughter. Back home, I’ll get the side dishes ready, then when I’m ready, pull out the steaks and salt/sear, and we have dinner. No worries about over cooking, always consistently awesome.


So it is 74.99 on Amazon with free prime shipping. Add 5 bucks to Woot’s price for shipping, and this is not much of a deal at all. I’ll check back tomorrow to see if it has been lowered to a meaningful discounted price.

bought one of these when they were up here about a month ago. It works. interface is very clunky. But at this price I can live with the interface. A slightly modified 20 q cooler and for <$100 you have a very workable sous vide setup

I agree with this post. Like most things on woot, the “suggested price” is always a lie. $65 for this thing is in my opinion, a rip off. It will not last that long.

Not only is the interface non-intuitive (e.g. press both buttons to change from centigrade, hold power button for 2 - 3 seconds when correct temp has been reached), but the manual it comes with is borderline comical. It’s obvious they took whatever manual they wrote in the original language and just popped it in to Google translate and called it a day. Luckily there are some helpful Youtube videos out there which explain how the thing works.

Would anyone here care to explain why Amazon (which owns Woot) shows the list price for this cooker as $110.99, and Woot shows it as $246.99? There’s no quicker route to completely destroy your credibility than misrepresentations like this.

Woot went to crap when Amazon purchased it. They used to have interesting products with good sales but the last few years have been more like a yard sale of crap that Amazon can’t move marked down 5% from their list price on Amazon. The “original price” on Amazon has always been a joke but it’s comical that they would mark it up even more for woot to make it appear a better deal.

What’s more frustrating is Amazon has amazing customer service but if you have a problem with woot I think they must forward you over to the people that were rejected by Comcast for being too difficult. It’s sad to see what this site has become compared to what it was ten years ago.

Comcast rejects difficult employees??? I swear they promote them…

I have never had a single problem with Woot customer service. Prompt refunds on problematic items and great communication.

ahhh…so thats how you get it to stop beeping at you…

What model number?

Except I believe you hold the “Set” button. Holding the power button 2-3 seconds turns the machine off.

You misrepresent Woot customer service. I have had excellent service.

Its $79.99 on Amazon with Prime.

The silver and white one are $74.99:

You need this to heat water…Why?

PKPC120 followed by a color code. :slight_smile: