NUTRICHEF Immersion Circulator Cooker-You Pick

Been using this for months now. It is surprisingly good. The controls can be a bit confusing, but as you get used to it, it works great.

I love mine, had it for a few months, I wish I could share a picture of perfectly cooked steaks, finished on the grill. if you are thinking about it BUY ONE

With Tax & Woot 2-week shipping: $72.83 or thereabouts

Amazon Prime: (no sales tax here and 2-day shipping) $74.99

I majorly lack kitchen skills but made perfect Fred Flinstone sized ribeye steaks… all thanks to this cooker.

Curious as to the size/weight of your steaks and how big/type of vessel you used for the bath.

Does anyone know how this compares to say, the Anova machine?

I’m also curious about this. At a glance from the specs, this seems to have a higher wattage, but no WiFi/Bluetooth.