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Nothing is its own signal. That’s not how signals work

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Not sure what you think I meant, but to avoid the semantics I will just clarify: “is also a signal of its own.” Clear?

The real question is why people think being openly inconsiderate is somehow superior to “false” virtue.


There’s no contradiction in condemning both inconsiderate behavior and virtue signaling. Some might even place the latter as an instance of the former

This discussion did not arise in some abstract hypothetical vacuum. Encouraging vaccination is neither inconsiderate nor “virtue signaling.” I’ve said my piece.

Kenan Thompson Reaction GIF by Saturday Night Live


“Encouraging” a person to get the vaccine is fine.

Calling a person a “disease factory” because they chose not to get the vaccine is not fine, not at all.

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Came here to say the same thing but you beat me to it.

New gym tank top, here I come!

Actually it did. Everyone one of your replies was abstract. This is the first where you referenced something real world and now you care to speak no more. I think that says everything

I feel like this shirt tried too hard to appeal to everyone and thus makes absolutely no sense at all.

Don’t you say that! This shirt is 0% politics, FACT!

Yeah see it says that… but then it has 5G, magnets, and science.

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To be fair, Amazon needs to make sure the heating and cooling systems don’t fail, Texas apparently doesn’t.

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telling people not to shoot someone is fine, trying to take away their gun while they are shooting people is not?