Nutritional Supplements

Muscletech Hydroxycut Hardcore Elite is cheaper on amazon if you’re a prime member. The two pack is an even better deal at $32 shipped.

Anyone have experience with the Nitraflex?

Nitraflex is awesome and is a supplement I keep in regular rotation. Very hard-hitting pre-workout, delivers a great amount of energy and strength. I like the fact that it’s creatine-free, so I can dose creatine on its own – or not. Flavors are decent, but definitely not the highlight of the product. If you’re pretty tolerant of stimulants, you’ll definitely like Nitraflex.

Nitraflex is also cheaper on Amazon if you have prime. I bought some yesterday for $26.69.

Second this…Nitraflex, HyperFX, and Assault are rotation constants personally. The Myofusion is definitely decent as well, although I prefer other proteins.

The Musclepharm products are NOT listed on the official Musclepharm website… The ‘Assault’ products do not contain creatine. What are these?.. Knock-offs? Old stock?

Hey, Woot! What size are these?

Which one are you referring to?