NuVision 11" Full-HD Quad-Core Detachable Tablet

Woot has moved, Meh

The Earth is spherical! Woot hasn’t moved!

How much memory is left after installing Win 10? That is only a 32GB drive.

Is the keyboard back-lit?

This appears to have specs similar to the Asus T102HA - EXCEPT - this has 2 Gb RAM and the Asus has 4 Gb. That is a dealbreaker. I have the T102HA and it’s great if you understand the limits of slow processor, limited SDD capacity (I added a 128 Gb mSD, and that works well) and bare minimum (IMO) RAM. This is likely fine if you limit yourself to just a couple of open tabs and limit the number of simultaneous processes (i.e. trying to use this while backing up or virus checking will be very slow). But the form factor is great - and with the ASUS at around $400 (I think) and the least expensive Surface more than that (but pretty capable), this device could fit a niche as long as the expectations are aligned with the performance.

32 bit computer, not 64.

Where do you get that? The Atom x5-Z8350 is a 64-bit processor.

Not sure why they have a 32-bit OS installed on it, though it’s not uncommon that 32-bit code takes up less memory (which is at a dire premium on this computer).

My phone has more memory, if this had 4GB it would be a decent for documents, lite web browsing. I am sure it’s not possible to upgrade the memory… Anybody know if it’s possible?

I’d stay away from these. We have used a similar product at work with a 32GB drive and Win10 hogs up all of the space. This would be okay with Android OS but not Windows.

Just purchased the recently sold similar model from Woot, same CPU, same ram, slightly smaller screen & lower resolution:

It’s amazing. I’ve owned & worked with literally dozens of laptops in my life, and the fact that you can have full Windows on a solidly built device with a touch screen with a decent display, good battery & usb ports is just ridiculous.

Citing 2Gb ram or a 32gb hd is missing the point completely. At this price you can buy it and keep it as a daily always-on screen for checking email when you’re working in the back yard & don’t want to fiddle with your phone (as I do, running the Chrome browser, which somehow performs great despite Chrome’s propensity to gobble ram on bigger, ‘real’ computers).

You’re not going to game on it. Or mine bitcoin. Or render a 40 layer composite vfx shot overnight to get it in front of Michael Bay for his morning dailies.

It boots quickly (nearly instantly if you use the power button to just have it sleep), appears to have a competent wifi chipset, ran the Chrome browser very well in my test despite only having 2gb of ram (see the video test of the same cpu & ram vs. a $3k macbook in the Woot item details), a battery that lasts for several hours, and surely does a lot more than I’ll ever test on it because I have ‘real’ machines to do actual work & heavy lifting. It has full Windows and a 1080p touchscreen for cry-yi. It’s $150. In for 2.

I can’t tell you how much space is left after Windows on a 32GB drive (the model I have has a 64GB drive and currently has 34GB free, suggesting only a couple of GB’s would be left over if it were a 32GB drive, but I can’t say for sure since I have a 64GB drive). Also, remember these do have a MicroSD slot for adding more space. I’ve used MicroSD cards on laptops like the Surface Pro to install apps to, and that has worked for me in the past. I’m not sure I’d try to run much on a system with an Atom CPU & 2GB of RAM, but it should technically ‘work’ as far as being able to install to & run apps from a MicroSD.

Speaking of MicroSD cards, I tried a 200GB on the 10" NuVision TM101W638 (from a couple of weeks ago) and it appeared to work- I was able to read & write files in my brief testing. This 11" model cites a 128GB max size capability for MicroSD cards, but if it’s like my 10" TM101W638, it could potentially work with ones larger than 128gb.

Looking at this, it’s hard not to compare it with my old Android tablet which I’ve had for years; it’s old and beat up, isn’t really well supported with OS updates anymore, and generally feels like aging technology that’s becoming obsolete (though I still love it and depend on it daily).

Compare the specs on my Samsung Note Pro 12.2 (which is essentially a Note3 behind a bigger screen). Vastly higher screen resolution. Same or double the storage space (with a much smaller OS). 3Gb of RAM. 1.9Ghz 8-core processor. And a real stylus and digitizer built into the screen. I got the Samsung keyboard to go with mine, so my setup is similar to this laptop.

I realize it isn’t really a fair comparison, as it’s still much more expensive to buy one of these Note Pros used, refurb or NOS today (FWIW I bought mine from Woot a long time ago for less than the prices on Amazon today), but it makes the claims about this product being “one of today’s most powerful tablet/laptops in its class” seem a bit strange. I’d say this product should be marketed exclusively on price, rather than power. Pay $150 for a Windows tablet, and this is the kind of mediocre low-power product you get. 1920x1080 is minimal, not “stunning”.

For the time being, I’m sticking to my old Note Pro.

The CPU will be slow. My biggest questions are the speed of the eMMC and the claim of the 8400mAh battery.

I have a Surface RT and Surface 2, both with 32GB eMMC’s, and not only is it a tight fit beyond the base of Win8RT + cumulative updates, but any disk IO to that eMMC is slow. I use the Surfaces purely for a single video game. No email or web browsing, as Internet Explorer is crazy slow on WinRT and Microsoft doesn’t permit Firefox or Chrome on RT.

Amazon indicates 6 hours of battery time, but on my Dell 5175 with the keyboard battery and 62mAh of total battery, I’m getting a solid 9 hours and I don’t power off the display (blanks but doesn’t actually power off).

If the claim is 6 hours of average run time, the battery can’t possibly be that big, considering the low power scenario of the x5 and the Dell 5175 has a higher draw m5-6y75.

Slow performance aside, I am reluctant to recommend this for uncertainty of the battery, alone. Something about that just doesn’t sound right.

Bought a completely different 32GB-storage Win10 machine here a while back.


Win10 doesn’t allow you to control update behavior, and after a short while, it begins to tell you it doesn’t have enough free space to download its required updates. It tells you this over and over, interrupting whatever task you’re attempting with the device. You can’t ever make it stop, because there is not enough space to clear for Win10, and Win10 can’t be told to STFU. This is after clearing all previous update caches, etc…

Win10 Home and 32GB storage do not mix.

Hi there. You might try loading the updates one or two at a time.

Mine just arrived, after hours of Windows updates and doing a disk cleanup to remove old updates, I have 15.4 GB free of 28.0 GB with 32gb Windows. I’m sure the SxS folder will continue to grow though.

This thing performs okay for it’s specs. It is heavy. The keyboard part is very heavy, but even without the keyboard it’s pretty heavy. Like heavier than my desktop replacement higher end laptop.

For the price, if I needed a lower end laptop or tablet, I would buy this again.

It’s too bad the 2gb ram is not upgrade, but I have a 128gb microsd card to install on it. I plan on installing to it and using junctions on many things to keep my c drive free.

Windows 10 Lean edition is in the works which should make 32gb on devices like these more manageable, by about 2gb.

It charges with a micro usb cord. The stock brick is 5v 2500ma, which is a plus as I can use many of my mobile device and other tablet chargers on it.

Note: It only supports 2.4ghz network.

Mine just arrived and was DOA. Contacted NuVision and they said it was defective but I would be responsible for the shipping cost. What a great company NuVision is. Give us your money, here’s your crap, don’t call us, we’ll call you.

Mine arrived DOA as well. Nuvision sent another adapter which I just plugged in and no go!
Third time for WOOT sending me defective merchandise.