NuWellness Copper Compression Comfort Gloves

These gloves are only $14.99 on the NuWellness website.

What website is that? There seems to be no anymore.

And $3.05 shipping. That comes to $18.04.

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On Amazon - the same glove comes in 4 sizes - WOOT seems to have missed that reality in their listing. No one knows what size WOOT is selling.

Yes they do. If they read the last bullet in the features, they’ll read that it’s one size fits most. :tongue:

You must have been looking at something different?

My mistake, I thought it was one size fits a SMOST.

Well, that explains it. Easy mistake. :happy:

I’m not seeing any choice of sizes where I found these offered on Amazon; sure you’re looking at the same gloves there?

What do we know about the grippiness and washability of these gloves? Can they go into the laundry with towels (boil & bake)? Will they help me keep a good grip on a smooth, untextured steering wheel for 8 hours?

Reread it. What size hands does “smost” have?

Smost has a rather average hand that goes with his/her average body.

Fixed. No more fun with that typo. Sigh.

I just received them today and they provide zero compression to the thumb muscles like abductor/flexor pollicis.

The only compression material is about a one inch long section on each side of the finger holes.

Definitely not worth nearly $20 IMO, maybe $5.

Horrible gloves if you can even call then that. I’m very disappointed. I never send anything back but these are going back. I could have went to the Goodwill and got gloves with the fingers missing for free. They have no other medical value!!!