Nvidia GeForce RTX 2080 Founders Edition

Nvidia GeForce RTX 2080 Founders Edition

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Geeze, the mothership has them for only $1000 more.

I just saw that. Damn price gougers.

Would this have been a good price?

No, buy on the mothership for Prime shipping.

/end sarcasm

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Prime shipping is $120 or so.

I can get it for that cost?

More like 1200

So the consensus is that whoever bought this is probably a reseller?

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There’s no map on the sales page so it’s hard to tell

I see the GPU shortage is alive and well here at Woot too.

I hope that whoever got this (if one was even sold) enjoys it.

(Or, if they resell it, enjoys reselling it.)


Insane deal in these trying times.

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Damn… that’s crazy. Would have jumped if I wasn’t in the stupid planning meeting.

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If it was refurb’d by PB&J its gonna be a fancy paperweight.

This is supposedly new.

@ThunderThighs @lioncow

Why is there no sales map?

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Did you buy this and they’re protecting your identity?

But if you don’t exist…

You’re talking to somebody who won’t even purchase a BLANKET Blanket or MUG Mug.

So what do you drink snapple from?

Either a glass or a bottle.

(Depending on what the Snapple comes in.)

So you drink it straight from its protective case? You heathen.