Nvidia GeForce RTX 2080 Founders Edition

One of the warehouse workers has a nice computer now

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Awww. Sorry about your luck little buddy. You know better than to buy stuff from here.

Want some Snapple? I’ll get some on the way home.

In this case, this was inventory flipped from Amazon. So the inventory count was wrong or some were deemed unsellable (e.g. damaged).

Sorry little penguin.

Being it was single item I could see a bad excel import being the problem as I didn’t hear the collective ‘SIKE!’ from some vendor distro center.

I’d say that Excel isn’t so hard, but I’ve sadly seen people fail MISERABLY at it.

It’s all good.

I guess that I WON’T have a fancy schmancy paperweight/doorstop.

Well the scary part is how deep those twisted roots run in… well, everything!


Prior to Excel, there was Lotus 1-2-3. And before that, VisiCalc. But those were the “old” days, when monochrome graphics was the norm in businesses due to cost and that it offered a higher 720x348 resolution. Going to color meant CGA, which was 320x200, 4 colors.

You forgot Multiplan.

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Yes, along with much of the market did back then too. Microsoft knew they couldn’t compete with Lotus for the PC market, so they set their target instead on a GUI based spreadsheet. For the Mac.

What else can you scalp for more $GME?

That’s still a thing, right?

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He could sell his catshirts collection.

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I’d sooner give my address to @Williamdavi .


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