Nvizio 7 Piece Sunlight Collection Pen Set

No refills? Pshhhh



pen island.com

Got a few sets of these at the last woot off, they came with refills etc for a bit more. They are not not really even worth the $3.99 IMO. Very cheap, broke easily.


$14 on amazon.


that law firm was at the top of their game in the 80s

And they’re hideous


doesn’t seem like a bad deal if you need a few nice pens

you can tell they are quality because of the gold

duuuuuude… if i got the pen refills in my last BOC i would have been on this like white on rice… or is that what woot would want me to do…?

Am I supposed to know who Oates and Hall are?

I gave her my heart, and she gave me a pen.

bought these a while back and they suck. Wouldn’t want them for free. I gave them to some homeless kids and they threw them away.

I bought these the last time they came up. They are JUNK!

These pens are garbage. :frowning:

Total junk. Would not take more for free.

Fancy pens. Perfect for tax time, while I’m signing all those checks over to the man.

Alright, where is a good place to get pens on sale then. I mean nice looking ones for showing off and what not.