Nyan’s Dream



In case you don’t know the meme:

… and for those who prefer the 10 hour version


I’m going to punch a black cat if the lion shirt doesn’t print tomorrow.

Urrr I mean…



Great. Now I get to go to bed with THAT stuck in my head!


I feel that this is the definitive Nyan Cat T-Shirt




If only those Pop-Tarts were scratch n sniff!


Awwwww, gah. I’d like to buy this but I was saving my 100th shirt woot for something really special, ah I just don’t know. I will think on it.

I do really like the kitty on this one. I’m glad to see it print.


Fastest I’ve bought a shirt. For my tastes, you can’t beat the Smooth Jazz Nyan Cat.


Two cute cat pictures in a row? YES.


[Cartman voice]No kitty! That’s my pop tart![/Cartman voice]


I really want this on a hoodie too. Woot, please run this on a hoodie.

This shirt was an insta-buy for me.


pretty + poised


Why is it $12 instead of the normal $10?


I’m going to punch a nyan cat if Darth Meow doesn’t print tomorrow.

Though I do like nyancat, but I can only go for one and Meow has more wearability for me.


want the lion too. this is killing me.


Well, of course it’s cute now that it’s sleeping!


Noooooooooo! I thought we were done with this!




BTW, if even the 10 hour version isn’t long enough, there’s NON-STOP NYAN CAT!. You’ll probably want to lower the volume, though …