Nyko Air Flo EX USB Controller for PC/MAC – 2 Pack



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Nyko Air Flo EX USB Controller for PC/MAC - 2 Pack
$8.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

Product List:

  • 2 Nyko Air Flo EX USB Controller for PC/MAC 80650

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2fer tuesday???.. already?.. useful linkage has the comparison links… and I think i like it… think.


wow cheap but look like ass


will this work this games for windows live?


This is just plain bad-ass. I bought one 6 months ago for 20 bux, best controller i’ve ever owned. GREAT WOOT.

It will work on any windows platform, even without the drivers on Vista.


Does it work on the 360?


nyko= suck


Do these vibrate while using ?


will these work with counterstrike??


If it were for PS2 and wireless, I’d be all over this one.


Wow, not what I expected. If I played more PC games, I’d pick these up for sure! Wonder if you can get these to work on a PS3… (For a buddy of mine. I don’t buy crappy consoles)


I’m not crazy about the airflow gimmick, but I think that a PC controller with a true “plus” style D-pad is miles better than the usual 8-way junk you find. I think I might be in…


will these things work with the Ps3 and or Xbox360?


Im in for 2 :slight_smile:


i can play my emulators with these


Sweet! These controllers look good. Is Nyko a good brand? Or is crappy like Mad Catz stuff. If these are quality, then I’m definitely in for the two. Thanks.


Have one of these. Bought for 20 bucks a while back, and I still love it. Good buy!


Are these controllers compatible with a PS2?


if these were the logitech ones, I’d be all over it… I have a problem with my buttons having number labels.