Nyko iBoost Rechargeable Battery Pack for iPod



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Nyko iBoost Rechargeable Battery Pack for iPod
$19.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

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  • 2 Nyko iBoost Rechargable Battery Pack for iPod 88055


i got links… check useful linkage for comparison engine links… back from vegas just in time for a killer 2fer to analyze… turns out to be a solid woot… as per the usual… so don’t trip.


This should work with the 80GB video right?


Nano Compatibility?


I don’t have an ipod only that Sony thing that was sold a few weeks ago…I guess it won’t work with the Sony thing…


I stayed up for this? I think I saw these in the clearance bin at Walgreen’s last week for half the price…


Google Product Search


it says compatible with all ipods with a dock…which would mean Nano. but does it attach easily and flush for the smaller nano?


just what i need a larger item in my pocket(haha)
that will just make the small ipod basically into a large one so why use it…


Does anybody know what size the ipods are? Not that it matters, I already picked up three! SIX IPODS FOR 65 bucks!!! I can tell they aren’t video, but are they atleast 10gbs do you think? I wonder if they come with headphones.


Got ZEN?

I do- I’m out.


agree- Zen=nirvana.
iPod, ptooie…


Woah, wait. It says it will add extended life to video, meaning it’s for the 5G iPods. But does it fit both 30GB and 80GB versions?


These things are great for long plane trips with movies. I have a diffrent one but the price is good and I like the product idea. Good buy.


will it work witht he iPod mini?


And someone would need two of these why?


$49.99 for one at Best Buy.


please tell me you’re joking?


Another way to charge an ipod? I have so many chargers I almost don’t need an internal battery on the ipod itself… car player charges, home stereo charges, work stereo charges, laptop cable charges… I guess this will charge my ipod in the only place left… my pants!