Nyko iTop iPod Button Relocator - 5 Pack



In for 15!!! Now I just need an iPod! This is probably a Woot record for the most items for three pennies!


1 cent… with $5 S&H :-/

Eh, maybe if you have an iPod and have problems with the wheel?


froogle (haha)


CRAP. I have a Zune and Creative Player. WOOT you never offered a video Ipod. DAM!


Obligatory “Will this work with the iPod Touch?” post.


Woohoo - picked up 15, wonder if I’ll make back the shipping cost on eBay . . . .

Froogle - http://www.google.com/products?q=Nyko+iTop+iPod+Button+Relocator&btnG=Search+Products&show=dd


Another one of those times when I have to waste money.

In for 3.

I might have a use for one, just because it’s kind of a pain in the ass to do stuff with RockBox.

It does work with RockBox, right?


Quick, someone give me an idea of what to do with these other than their intended purpose.


Well, duh! Wheels should be square. That’s why they’re called wheels!


I have no idea for a use, What I purchased or how many. I simply followed the rules of buy 3.


For some reason I bought 15 of these? I don’t even have a iPod compatible with this…


WHY! One is too many. They should pay me $5 to take it off their hands.



ultimate deal… I wish they were for zune


Why did I buy 3? I don’t know, but hey, for $5.03, I might as well. I like having my mailman struggle to bring all my boxes to me. I’m such an evil person.


I will take 1 of the none of these and none of the 5 pack of junk.



hang them with strings and make a wind chime :smiley:


Hopefully these will make it so I don’t need to activate the back light when driving and it’s on the dock. In for three (15)!

I MAY selfishlessly sell a few of these to friends for a few bucks… MWA-HA-HA!!!

First Sellout, too!


“It plugs into your 3rd or 4th generation iPod, although not the current 5th generation”

does this mean it doesn’t work on the ipod classic???


Works for 3rd and 4th generation iPods only.