Nyrius Digital A/V Selector



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Nyrius Digital A/V Selector
$36.99 + $5 Standard OR $9 Two-Day OR $12 One-Day Shipping
Condition: New

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Wow, this would have been really cool…what, about eight years ago? Who still has three component-only devices that they need to switch between?

Still, nice price if you need it.


If this was 2002 I might grab a couple of these.


Glad to see I didn’t miss much over the past 10 hours or so.


The perfect 1080p down converter.


I have one of these, different brand name but the exact same thing in black. I use it to switch between three different toslink audio sources going into my surround sound speaker system. It’s worth it for that purpose alone.


Thought it was April 1st for a second when I saw this. belongs in a crap bag…maybe.


I use AV switchers for switching between game consoles. Works great.


I have the same one. Works great for switching between my Xbox 360, PS3 and PC optical outputs.


The only device I know of anyone to have that uses component is a Wii with a component cable, and I’m pretty sure I’m the only Wii owner I know who even bothered to get one of those. Oh, and some VERY OLD Xbox 360s, but those have probably all red-ringed by now.

Everybody’s on to HDMI, woot! Who do you expect to buy this?


Wii and SNES via component. Yes, we still play the SNES at times. But yeah, it’s on to HDMI.


I thought about it, but I just get up, walk over to my set up & switch cables manually…This can also assist in reducing wedgies as well as a wee bit of an increase in heart rate, so I’ll pass for now.


Some of us bought high-quality components 15 years ago, and everything still works perfectly fine - so, no need to upgrade just because stuff is newer/better. No budget for upgrades, either. Not to say I don’t drool at the big-screen HD stuff whenever I walk by it at the store, though!

I’d get one of these if I didn’t already have something similar, with 4 inputs.


I still use coax cables for my audio (old reciever but great sound) and use HDMI for video.