Nyrius Rechargeable iPhone Speaker

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Nyrius Rechargeable iPhone Speaker
$44.00 + $5 Standard OR $8 Two-Day OR $11 One-Day Shipping
Condition: New

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Is this compatible with bacon?

Every company must have sent all their iPod/iPhone accessories to Woot to get rid of…

All of these will be obsolete very soon.

enough with the iphone speaker crap!!! NEXT!

I thought this was a bacon woot-off, not an ipod speaker woot-off

Does it play Beta too?

It would be cool if this speaker got hot enough to fry some bacon. Mmmmm, music to my ears and mouth.

Wow…look at them fly out the door…zzzzzzzzzzz. Naptime.


Geez…how many different iPhone speaker systems are there, anyway?
;-\ dislike…

Good time for a shower.

Looks like it fits the iPhone pretty snug.

Probably going to be a problem if the next iPhone changes sizes even slightly.

You guys have fun. I’m going to try to get some sleep. Don’t forget about my Caption This thread linked in my signature.

Have a happy woot-off.

There is a cure for these badly chosen electronics item, and you can help.

Woot is looking to hire a new electronics buyer. http://www.woot.com/jobs#electrobuy

If we can find them a good one, then woot will sell electronic stuff, we want, at a price we’re willing to pay.

I have a long career. I spent 3 years buying and selling electronics in a resale store. I have personal experience at paying too much for speaker docks, and then having trouble selling them. Thus, I know, that I would not be a good choice for this position.

Somebody out there, must know somebody who would be good at this job, and would be willing to move to Texas. Find that person for me, and for all of the other suffering Woot customers.

Thank you.

Good night!

that adapter is too short and fat to fit a slice of bacon in it. how cheap of woot not to throw in the bacon adapter in a bacon woot off…HUMP!!!

Am I the last person on earth without an iPhone? My cell phone is waterproof and has a flashlight. Those are my kind of features.

Even the staff is leaving. :wink:


I have an iphone, waterproofing is as simple as putting it into a ziplock baggie. everything I own has some iphone adapter or another, even my car has full iphone intergration from the factory. Those are my kind of features.