Nyrius Rechargeable iPhone Speaker

oh, and there’s a flashlight app for the iphone

I wonder what the split between Android vs. iPhone users there are on woot.

As an Android user as soon as I see “iPhone” something I know to look away.

You need a position as an unnecessary comma inserter. :wink:

plus the charging port on the iphone5 will be different (smaller)

See, another reason I’m not suitable for working at Woot. I can’t write good ad copy.

It’s giving me an F5 complex,
Refreshing just to see what’s up next
Checking back to shop for what’s new
I don’t want it but I hope that you do

That’s what you think! (Still here!)

The main page says this is the end of a seriously dated meme. What meme are they talking about?
The only bacon “meme” i can think of is Push Button Receive Bacon…

Woot=iPhone lover. I hate Apple. Steve Jobs can take his half eaten apple and…never mind.

Kitty Katz! yay!

Next-gen iProducts will have new dock connector. Woot=iTroll.