O Canada


Seems like a nice place to live. I vote we all move to Canada! On a more serious note, it might be a nice vacation place. Buy some land, somewhere out of the main roads, but still accessible for a reasonably cheap price and build a small log cabin. Seems like it could be neat to live away from all the chaos for a bit. Corse, it would have to have internet. :stuck_out_tongue:


If we did a timeshare, some of our more talented carpenters could build the cabin, some or our artists could decorate it, and some of our gardeners could make it perdy and edible.


Lol Timeshare.woot


But you couldn’t have anything from Woot sent there.


We could get shirts, or we could have a house just over the border that mail gets forwarded from.


Well, anything but shirts. Shirts can be shipped to Canada and other countries.

If we visit Canada, eHal will have to take us all out for lunch. :stuck_out_tongue: