O Crap, Where Art Thou?


Wow! Woot was broken!

I don’t know :frowning:

So it never came up for you either? Server seemed to crash and when it came back it was past the BOC and on to the next item.

I saw it was sold out. I had just gotten back to my desk, and the site would not come up, so I went straight to the community and saw it.

Yup that was pretty messed up.

In my cart, and when I tried to check out, the whole site stopped working for me.

So sad.

For me, the Receiver never even showed the Sold Out. I hit refresh and got a white screen. Refresh again and got the sever error message. By the time it came back, they were two items past the B O C. I don’t mind missing out because people were quicker… I hate it when the server crashes and you can’t do anything about it. :frowning:

I feel like I just participated in the world’s largest voluntary DDOS attack. It makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside!

So, YOU’RE the one!

First time I’ve ever been first sucker!

Nah, it was probably me. My whole web browser freaked out for a hot minute.

I am very sad Woot.I did not cheat but you said I did. Our internet has been down at work all day so I had to slide in on my very slow phone. Got a lucky hit and you said I cheated. I am very sad. :frowning:

So here I was, trying to submit a comment to another item here on woot… and when I hit the “submit” button, everything just died. I then realized: uh oh… a BoC just dropped…

Yup. Crap was tossed, and all I got was my lousy comment that was eaten alive and lost to the voids.