O2COOL 10-Inch Portable Smart Power Fan

This is a $15.oo fan. Retail on the shelf. They work pretty good and the battery life is good but it is not a $40.oo fan.

This would fit a camping need I have. :slight_smile: Love to know which retail establishment has this particular fan on their shelf for $15. I can’t find this fan online for that price.

Where are you finding this particular fan for $15? There are smaller models for about that. These are great for hurricanes. I have several O2Cools of different sizes.

This is a great price for this fan

This is not the 15$ fan sells on amazon for 59$ even more on eBay it’s a fair deal

Anyone know if the fan grills come off?

I found the manual. I didn’t read the entire thing but a search for ‘grill’ came up with nothing.