Oakley Backpacks

You can get these directly from Oakley for $74.99. And they have it in red and camo. Come on Woot. You can do better than this…


Thanks for pointing that out- we were able to lower the price to compete with them!

I sold a large volume of these Streetman 2.0 backpacks on eBay recently (average price $39.99 with free shipping). It’s no surprise to me that the cinnamon color is what is for sale here. They are so ugly. I couldn’t manage to sell them for $19.99 with free shipping. Painful experience…

“a pocket for your mobile music player, an internal organizer for your PDA/GPS-size device”

What the fuck is a PDA?

Well you see kylefn, back in the good ol’ days before you yung’uns came round here with your iThingys and Galaxy-whatsits, we got tired of our paper notebooks and made a wonderful electonric device to Assist in managing our Personal Data - you know: contacts, appointments and the like. Mostly they didn’t catch on, but some bright spark had the idea of giving it a catchy 3-letter acronym and before you knew it there were PDAs everywhere!