Oakley CarbonX SI Base Layer Bundle

Oakley CarbonX SI Base Layer Bundle

Sizing chart is suspect on the bottoms. XXL is a 34" waist??? Maybe Asian size and not made in the USA.
NO deal here for me!

Bottom an Top sizes don’t match,
at least not for me!!

Regarding sizing, I’m pretty sure these stretch to normal S/M/L etc proportions.

However, are these designed to keep you warm or just dry and not on fire? There’s only mention of hydrophobicity and flame recalcitrance of the many fancy fabrics integrated into these garments

I was about to pull the trigger but the sizing pushed me away. 30 vs 40 waist for pants vs shirt? Are the pants more of a ‘euro’ sizing? For cycling active-wear I have to get XL euro size, versus medium or large american. I was also hoping to see some better up close pictures to find if they would ‘form-fit’ enough to wear under cycling clothes (which are tight).

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I’m concerned about the size issue. I know with Fruit of the Looms thermals, I have a L for a top and a M for a bottom. The sizing chart for these are discomforting to me.

I’m buying and crossing my fingers, but as you can see below, I’m concerned about returning because if you open the package, you might just kill your return, depending on the type of packaging. Carhartt has a fantastic ziplock style bag for their thermals.

Here’s the return policy:
“If you are not satisfied with your purchase or size of the item, return it in new and unworn condition in the original packaging for a full refund. Any product(s) that have been resized, damaged, or otherwise altered after delivery will not be accepted for return. Woot! will process your return and issue a full refund with no deduction for shipping after receiving it.”

More quantities have been added to the sold out sizes!

Hi all. Asked the buyer about the sizing: “The base layer size charts were taken directly from the Oakley website for Base Layer Tops and Base Layer Bottoms. They are made to go under clothing …”

Does anyone know if these pairs are good for snowboarding or skiing? Any clue? I really like to know if they are waterproof or not…

BEWARE! These are designed for racing. They are meant to be worn as a third layer under a 2 layer nomex suit. I work in the racing industry and do inspections on driver’s equipment to make sure it conforms to the FIA or SFI rules for safety (ie thermal protection from burns). If you are going to use these for racing, make sure that they have a reasonable expiration date on them. All racing safety equipment have expiration dates, from fire suits helmets, seat belts etc. I have a feeling that these are past expiration date. That is why they are so cheap. Originally this set would have been north of $200. I don’t think Oakley has made racing stuff for at least 5 years. If you buy, never put in dryer. I use them as a base layer for outside snow work. Mine are rough texture but very warm. A rep told me that you can put a penny on carbon x and hit it with a torch and it will melt the penny but the fabric will remain intact. Not waterproof!


I think the price is good, but can’t think of a reason I need fire protection undies. I have caught my RX7 on fire before, but…