Oakley Radar Pace Sunglasses

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Oakley Radar Pace Sunglasses
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Nothing says you’re one of those guys like a nice pair of Oakley sunglasses, except for Oakley sunglasses with a tacky headset.

Can theses be used as stand alone sunglasses? These are $449 on Amazon.

As someone who can’t seem to keep these damn buds in my ears, this is interesting…

but they are Oakleys.

Someone should sell buds that clip on glasses like this though.

Ok… it states bluetooth but is it just the glasses? where are the wires in the pictures that would attach to the ear pieces?.. so are these just ear plugs? not buds? seems shady to me…

You serious, Clark?

Where is the radar? Can they tell me the speed and pace I am going?

Cnet has a pretty good write up.
Here’s a few interesting excerpts:
" doubles as a pair of Bluetooth headphones."
" Your phone is required to workout. Battery life could be better."
" these aren’t smart glasses, because they don’t have any display in them"
“A touchpad on the left side of the frame changes songs, adjusts the volume and accepts call”

Hope that helps anyone who was as confused as I was.

Just last night I was asking myself what I should do with the extra $150 I had laying around. I think I should blow it on something completely ridiculous and useless like sunglasses that talk to me about my workout…said no reasonable person, ever.

Even without the tech, $150 for a pair of Oakley Radar Sunglasses is a good deal. I’m in for 1 and y’all can be jealous when I get buff from all my workouts guided by my coach! :slight_smile:

Made famous by Dog, the Bounty Hunter. They should seriously stick these in a time capsule with those Over the Top Olympic running goggles.

Don’t know what kind of stereotype you’re throwing out there with the “one of those guys” comment but Oakley makes a large variety of quality shades for men and women, kids too. These ones apparently suck because they are uncomfortable and are poor for playing music. Sounds like a great concept for runners and bikers but they have to be worry free for those activities or it makes for a crappy workout experience.

Oakleys make great optics. Anyone to criticise them has never worn or owned a pair.