Oakley Sliver Edge Sunglasses

Oakley Sliver Edge Sunglasses

Just got them very disappointed not polarized. Feel like gas station sunglasses Wouldn’t pay $10 for them

I’m very sorry. Please reach out to Woot! Customer Service.

From a browser, use the Woot! Customer Service form.

In the Woot! App, choose Account from the bottom navigation and then Support.

Same thing happened to me. Not polarized. I sent them back via the return label but have yet to hear from customer service as to whether or not I am getting a polarized pair. It’s been more than four days since I emailed customer service and they are supposed to respond within 24 hours. Woot, where are you? Please answer the question. Am I getting a polarized pair? Am I getting a full refund? What’s the story? I would not normally respond publicly like this but when emailing customer service privately, I don’t get a response. Please respond.

Hi there. Please be a patient on the weekend. They’ll respond as soon as they can with options.

Sorry but the original email that I sent, along with others, were sent during the week. It is now Tuesday. I still have not received anything meaning that has now been a week. I would think I have been patient. Please tell me if you have the polarized version in stock, if I am receiving it, or if I am getting the full refund. I know that my return showed up there on 7/31. Today is 8/4. I have not heard. I have been patient. Now I want answers. It’s not the weekend. This request was not originally sent to woot on the weekend. Using the weekend as an excuse for poor customer service is pretty lame. Sorry, but it is.

Hello? Not only have I not heard from customer service, but I also have not received my refund and you have had the return in your possession since 7/31. Today is 8/6. If I do not hear from someone within the next 24 hours, I will be disputing the charge with my credit card company. Your customer service has really gone downhill.

Hello there, it looks like our CS team assisted with your most recent contact on 7/31. They usually wouldn’t cold contact you unless you replied so that may be the reason why they haven’t been in contact. I’ll reach out to them now to look into this for you so they can email you. Our returns team is a little bit backlogged and processes are much different in this new world of ours. We’ll get it resolved for you shortly.

No one emailed me. I did finally receive a refund though. The only email I received from anyone in customer service was on 8/6 stating that the refund was processed. So no, I never received any email on 7/31. All I received was a UPS return label with no email stating what it was for so I had no idea it was even for this item until I looked on the Woot website. You need to fix your process. I should have at least received an email stating what the label was for. Also, your listing still states these are polarized and they are not.

Emails from Customer Service go to the email address on your woot account. Make sure that its current, and dont forget to check spam/junk

[Typing by Thunderson]

It’s current, otherwise I would not have received the return label from you and there was nothing in spam. Customer service just didn’t send anything. I had to figure out what the return label was for on my own and then I emailed customer service at least two more times before taking this route. It’s not the first time this has happened either, where I didn’t hear from customer service. Please send this issue up the chain so that your customer service issues can be resolved. Also, please correct this listing. It still states polarized where the sunglasses clearly are not. I would not want anyone else to make the same mistake I did since I was the “first sucker” as you put it on the listing. Rather apropos, don’t you think?

Hey there, we will gladly escalate this so it doesn’t happen in the future. Sometimes it could be the email settings on your email provider that is not allowing Woot emails to come through. After consulting with the CS team, they said there is a reply from our CS team to every email you sent us since July 27, so we’re not sure why you’re not seeing the email. Once again, we’re very sorry for the inconvenience on this.

Thank you for escalating. If I would have received them, I would not be reacting like this. I have always received them in the past. Only the last two items I have had to contact customer service with have had issues with receiving responses. Prior to that, and I have been a customer for years, I never had an issue. Hopefully you can figure out what’s going on and why the emails are not getting through. I don’t believe it’s a setting on my end because I receive the emails for the orders I place, just not from customer service.

BTW, do you have the polarized ones in stock? If so, can you guarantee that I will receive the polarized ones? The polarized ones are the ones I really want and if you can guarantee that i will receive those, I’ll place a new order. Please let me know. Thanks.