Oakley Sport Vault Black Sunglass Case

Oakley Sport Vault Black Sunglass Case

Another misleading BS title from Woot. “Costa, Ray-Ban, and Oakley Sunglasses $16.99 - $124.99.”

No $16.99 sunglasses. Just this stupid case, included in the sale just so they can put that $16.99 in the title and lure you in. Whoever thought this was a good idea at Woot should be made to go around with this sunglass case taped to his face.

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Hi there. That item was supposed to be removed. I think someone forgot to save.

On the other categories, we would omit that from the price range. Unfortunately, the main Woot site automagically creates the price range and we can’t modify it. I did bring this up in previews and someone responded that they removed it. Again, I think they forgot to save.