Oakley Sunglasses (Your Choice)

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Oakley Sunglasses (Your Choice)
Price: $119.99
Shipping Options: $5 Standard
Shipping Estimates: Ships in 3-5 business days (Wednesday, Jun 18 to Monday, Jun 23) + transit
Condition: New


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Had to be that 1 design I already owned. Haha.

I have the Livestrong version of these and they’re awesome. Very sturdy build, I wear them for everything outdoors. I wish they were polarized but honestly with Oakley it’s still a great quality lens at a much better price than what I paid.

Note that none of these options are photochromic. The Woot description was just copied/pasted from the Oakley site, where it’s clearer that there is an OPTION for a photochromic replacement lens.

Poops. :frowning:

How is a $120 pair of plastic sunglasses a deal??

Oakley Home

If this is from Oakleyking , DO NOT ORDER ~ I tried & they ripped me off

FYI things sell for different prices depending on the “quality”. I hate when people try to compare something to the cheapest product out their and bash the price…

Im not even a oakley fan but i hate comments like yours and these do look nice!

Let us know how your dollar store sunglasses are holding out…

I have Oakley Fives Squared, Gas Cans, and I wore out a pair of Felons. By far the best sunglasses I have owned for clarity and function.

I have owned a pair of flak jackets since January 2010 and they are still holding up with virtually no scratches or frame warping/breaking. These things are worth the price.

Edit: Not to mention the minutes, fives squared, and crankcase that I have owned and still own. None have ever broken, the ones I don’t own any more were lost and given away. All their glasses are quality in my experience.

My .02, go down to the local mall and try these sunglasses on before purchasing. Not all Oakley sunglasses fit/feel the same, as some will allow light to enter the sides/corners of your eyes. I am biased on oakleys, as I currently own two pair. One pair I have owned for 7 years and have had to replace the lenses once due to over abuse (construction work and things hitting lenses). The second pair I have had for 2 years and using them daily for my real job (they look nicer than the work ones). Oakley has saved my eyeballs on countless occasions. Not all sunglasses are made from the same materials. These are $150 from the Oakley store and about the same price on ebay. Woot isn’t trying to hard on prices.

Aside from a new Shun Premier chef’s knife, a pair of Flak Jackets was the first “big” thing I bought myself when I got my job, in March 2011. They have been holding up beautifully… The price was obviously a little off putting, but I just forced myself to wear them every day and have certainly gotten my money’s worth.

Are the lenses polarized?

Oakley in all it’s shape and form is garbage. Someone made the comment about how could$120 for plastic sunglasses be a deal. It is not a deal. I’ve taken in my Oakley sunglasses directly in to an Oakley store, with the lens coating peeling within a year. They demanded a receipt (I bought this pair from a certified retailer in the airport when I left my others at home. My bad for not filing the receipt, knowing Oakley’s quality issue). This company does not stand behind their product. They bank on suckers like me who love the styling. The mall sunglasses for $15 are just as good quality. I’m talking from experience. I have over 10 pairs and have had to replace lenses and the rubber pieces on more than one pair in a short period of time. If you want great sunglasses for your money, you are better off with glass lenses from Costa Del Mar or Maui Jim. Heavier, but better clarity and durability. I have a pair of Costa Del Mar glass lens sunglasses that I use for YARD WORK. Not a scratch on them after 8 years. The frames are still nearly immaculate too. Don’t waste your money on Oakley. Again, I love their styling and it pains me to walk right past their store every time my wife drags me to the mall. But they’ve made a sucker out of me for too long. By the way, I found out they were bought by an Italian company years back. Not American anymore.

according to the oakley website, and my fathers lenses box 9were buying him an extra pair) the xlj lenses are in fact polarized

It’s not. Unless you’re somehow a snob about Oakleys being the only good glasses. I got some outstanding quality Native sunglesses from woot for I believe $40 each. The $80 difference is impossible to make up in some kind of feature, or quality. You’d just be buying these because you wanted Oakleys. But $120 is not some sort of special price for Oakley glasses, you can get them for that price just about anywhere.

These are not polarized. The normal pricing on polarized sunglasses like these is 210 on Oakley website.

If they were polarized it would be a heck of a deal at 120.

I don’t believe these come with polarized lenses, but I’m checking it out with our buyer to be sure.

UPDATE: Buyer confirmed, these do NOT come with polarized lenses. You can separately purchase the polarized lenses, however.