Oakley Sunglasses

The lense info on some of these sunglasses is sort of vague. Can we get some more info on the lense colors (e.g. polarized grey, polarized black, black iridium, etc.)?

I like a lot of Oakley styles and own a pair now (I got a way better deal than this), but I still have trouble paying $120 as a “deal” just because Luxottica says they should be that expensive. These things cost at most $10 to produce so I have trouble with $150-$250 price tags just as a markup on “individuality” or so they call it.

It would be nice if Woot could score a better deal than this, or if they could score a non-Luxottica brand that is already more reasonable like Under Armour.

“More reasonable”? UA’s cheapest pair is still right around $100…

Here you go…

Some styles are under $100 everyday price on Amazon right now.

so bummed I missed the Pit Boss II glasses. When do the new Woot plus deals show up on the main page ?

Best source is the oakley website. For each style they have a comparison picture of the view with and without the lens.

Oakley used to be (4-5 years ago) worth it with their lifetime warranty on the frames, but since they were bought out that warranty no longer exists.

Oakley Eyewear Limited Warranty

When will you have more of the Shaun White Holbrook and the Fuel Cell glasses?

Please bring this sale back. I beg thee!

I agree, I wanted a blue lens that woul brighten, like a cheap pair I once had. Terribly disappointing, when blue lens on outside gives green or grey visually.